3 Ways to Determine Whether to a Reconditioned or New Air Conditioner is For You

3 Ways to Determine Whether to a Reconditioned or New Air Conditioner is For You

3 Ways to Determine Reconditioned or New Air Conditioner - Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

Reconditioned air conditioners are also second-hand air conditioners that have been used before. Although they’re not as popular as brand new units, they still serve a purpose if they have been reconditioned properly. 

We know we’ve talked about getting a second-hand air conditioner before, but how can you effectively discern whether it’s ideal to get a reconditioned air conditioner or brand new unit?

Let’s go through the different factors that may help you arrive at a decision! 

How a Used Air Conditioner is Reconditioned 

The reconditioning process involves a few steps. It involves going through different tests to check if the air conditioner is working properly. For air conditioners that have problems, like an aircon blinking light that is indicative of this, the professionals will perform troubleshooting, repair and replace components that are defective. 

A chemical wash will also be carried out on the condenser and fan coil to ensure that the air conditioner is fully clean and unblocked. After the air conditioner has been tested and confirmed that it is working fine, it will be sold to customers. 

At 81Aircon, we also include installation with high-quality materials used during the process. Our reconditioned air conditioners go through a stringent selection process before they are released. We only select the units that we would want to use, if we were the customer! 

Decision-making Factors to Choose 


A second-hand reconditioned air conditioner is going to cost less than a brand new unit, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to get the former. For example, if you’re a student or if you just started working and you’re renting a place to stay that doesn’t come with air-conditioning, it might be the ideal solution for you. 


What does the refurbished air conditioner come with? How has the seller managed the refurbishment of the air conditioner? These are key things you need to ask yourself. Ideally, you should choose an air conditioner company that offers installation and uses quality parts and components. 

The company should also have a good reputation and have robust after-sales support. Since it’s not a new air conditioner, it might run into problems more often. There should be sufficient warranty for the parts. 

Company Background 

It’s always wise to know who you’re dealing with. Do your due diligence and make sure that you run a check on the air-conditioning company that you want to buy your second-hand air conditioner from. 

For example, 81Aircon has years of experience dealing with both used and brand new air conditioners. We have a plentiful supply of different air conditioners of different brands. You can have peace of mind knowing that we’re competent in dealing with air conditioners! 


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