Is It Worth It to Buy a Second-hand Air Conditioner?

Is It Worth It to Buy a Second-hand Air Conditioner?

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Want to get a split air conditioner, but you’re on a tight budget?

Most of us only consider buying brand new air conditioners, but let’s not forget that they still cost a lot of money depending on the system you’re getting, the brand and features. Some may not have the luxury to get new units, but they can afford the more cost-effective alternative of a second hand aircon. 

With that said, is it really worth your money to get a second-hand air conditioner? Let’s find out!


Here’s an easy benefit you can think of - it’s definitely going to be more affordable at the get-go to buy a second-hand aircon. If you’re desperately in need of cooling comfort without the costly price tag, a second-hand air conditioner can easily cost just half of what a new one would cost. 

Perhaps it makes more sense for those in certain situations to get a used air conditioner as well, such as those with a short-term office or residential rental. You won’t need to use the air conditioner for a long time, and it doesn’t make sense to install a brand new one if you’re moving after a couple of years. 

In addition, it might be more affordable to service these used air conditioners over the long-term because you can easily find second-hand parts for common models like Mitsubishi and Daikin. 

Older Models

Here’s the hard truth - it may be more difficult to find a used air conditioner that’s of the latest build and model. This means that it’s unlikely to be an energy efficient 5-tick model as well. 

Older units are less likely to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly as well, as they’re probably not going to be using new refrigerants either. However, buying a used air conditioner means that you’re going to reuse a unit that would otherwise have been disposed of, so it may be more environmentally friendly in this aspect. 


At the start, it’ll seem as though you got a great deal, but did you really?

Older and used air conditioners may require more servicing because they may break down more easily. Since they aren’t likely to be as energy efficient as newer models, you won’t be able to gain much energy savings.

You may also experience troubles faster than a new air conditioner. It won’t last as long as a new air conditioner either, so think of it as spending half the price of a new piece for an old one that has half the lifespan. 

Sometimes, you might even have to top up gas faster, depending on how efficient the system is. Whatever it is, there is a possibility that you’ll end up spending more money than you intended to. 

Suppliers may not offer you a long warranty period either, since it’s used before and it’s natural if problems start happening not long after.

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