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Daikin i-Smile ECO Series Inverter ✓✓✓✓✓

[ Come With Build In Wifi ] Using New Gas R32 ECO Gas

System 2 $2100(MKM50VVMG / CTKM25VVMG*2)

System 3 $2600(MKM50VVMG / CTKM25VVMG*3)

System 4 $3850(MKM85VVMG / CTKM25VVMG*3 / CTKM71VVMG*1)

Daikin 3 Ticks EZI Series ✓✓✓

System 2 $1960(MKC50SVMG / CTKC25WVMG*2)

System 3 $2480(MKC50SVMG / CTKC25WVMG*3)

System 3 $2960(MKC70WVMG / CTKC25WVMG*2 / CTKC50WVMG*1)

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex

Mitsubishi Starmex 5 Ticks FP Series ✓✓✓✓✓

System 2 $2000(MXY-2H20VF-SG1, MSXY-FP10VG-SG1*2)

System 3 $2840(MXY-3H28VG-SG1, MSXY-FP10VG-SG1*3)

System 4 $3640(MXY-4H33VG-SG1, MSXY-FP10VG-SG1*3,MSXY-FP24VG-SG1)


Panasonic R32 MULTI SPLIT XU Series ( X-Premium )  ✓✓✓✓✓

System 2 $1930(CU-2XU20YBZ, CS-XU9XKZW*2)

System 3 $2760(CU-3XU28YBZ, CS-XU9XKZW*3)

System 4 $3460(CU-4XU33YBZ, CS-XU9XKZW*3, CS-XU18XKZW)

Panasonic R32 MULTI SPLIT U Series(Standard) ✓✓✓

System 2 $1750(CU-2U18YBZ, CS-MPU9YKZ*2)

System 3 $2480(CU-3U27YBZ, CS-MPU9YKZ*3)

System 4 $3160(CU-4U28YBZ, CS-MPU9YKZ*3, CS-MPU18YKZ)

FREE 1 Year Servicing

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Midea New Promotion!

Midea Promo:
Free Vacuum ( Worth $269 )
* From 1 April

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