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Aircon Service

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It is important for regular maintenance servicing to be done on your aircon for it to be functioning at it’s best at all times. Also, when the regular service is in place, this also helps to prevent faults. A professional aircon company in Singapore would advise you to be having your aircon serviced at least once every 3 to 4 month for it to be kept at top performance. 81aircon could do this servicing for you at a cheap cost. We could also relocate your unit.

Our straight forward servicing plans features all-rounder solutions for the needs of your aircon, enabling it to perform proficiently. This all-rounder solutions comprises of preventive care. We do not only provide air conditioning services, but we also provide other maintenance services such as cleaning, installation dismantling and relocation. We also supply second hand cooling units. Get in touch with our friendly staff today.

With the necessary servicing for your system, you can prolong the life of the air conditioning system while preventing expensive failures from occurring. Output efficacy of the cooling system can increase by about 20 to 30 percent. This creates valuable and unobstructed airflow, reduces the risk of water dripping and improves the power economy, so you could cut down on the electricity bills from operating your aircon.

At 81aircon, we have maintenance packages for your aircon and this could be attained at lower rates. If you’re looking for a new, reliable aircon, consider Daikin’s newly launched Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) HVAC system for high energy efficiency levels and quiet operations!

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Our Servicing Rate

We offer a variety of fairly priced service options that cater to both residential and commercial clients.
To ensure optimal aircon performance for your home or business, we recommend our annual Contract Servicing package.

One Time Aircon Service Price

Wall Mounted/Window Unit(HDB/CONDO)

1 units $50
2 units $70
3 units $90
4 units $110
5 units $150

** only $15 each from 2nd unit onwards

HDB Yearly Contract Servicing Price

Wall Mounted/Window Unit(HDB/CONDO)

Fancoil 3x Yearly 4x Yearly
2 units $180 $240
3 units $250 $330
4 units $300 $400
5 units $360 $450
6 units $345 $460

Refrigerant / Gas Top Up Price

Base on how much PSI to Top up

R22 $80-$100
410A $120-$150
R32 $150-$180

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  • No GST Charges
  • No Transportation Charges
  • $50 On-Site Diagnosis Fee (Waived when you engage our repair services)

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