One of the most reputable in Singapore, Panasonic has been a trusted and favoured brand among Singaporeans since 1955.

It takes pride in delivering products that focus on the comfort and health of consumers without giving up on aesthetics.

Panasonic satisfies consumers’ needs and demands by offering powerful cooling systems for residential and commercial purposes, including air-conditioners that are 2-tick to 5-tick certified.

The brand’s inverter series are one of their most popular due to the nanotechnology present, Nanoe-G, that removes harmful particles in the air and purifies it. They also come with handy motion sensors, can sense sunlight intensity and adjust the temperature as needed.

The intelligent compressor motor reduces energy consumption and delivers optimal performance at the same time, giving the air-conditioners a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).

Among their single-split and multi-split models, the latter is the most space-saving choice since the compressor is used for a few indoor fan coil units.

Cleaning and maintenance for their appliances are also easy, making it a breeze for consumers, especially those that do so frequently.

Panasonic has also prioritised odour management because air-conditioning appliances often accumulate and give off undesirable odours when used regularly.

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