Why Choose 81Aircon as Your Trusted Aircon Expert - 81Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

Why Choose 81Aircon as Your Trusted Aircon Expert - 81Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

Let’s face it, When it comes to air-conditioning-related services, from maintenance to servicing and repairs, there are plenty of aircon service companies in the market. 

What makes 81Aircon stand out from the rest?

As a seasoned player in the field, we’re not just an aircon service Singapore company, nor an aircon company Singapore like the ones you usually see. We use our vast knowledge and skilled technical expertise to handle all types of projects, whether big or small.

In this article, we explain why you should make the right choice by choosing us as your trusted air-conditioning company in Singapore. 

Trusted Provider Skilled in Various Air-conditioning Brands 

While some aircon servicing companies in Singapore focus on just a single brand, we’re well-versed in managing the most popular brands in the market. 

This includes Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, LG, Midea and Toshiba. It also means that, should you decide to change the brand of your air conditioner in the future, you can still look for us as a reliable service provider since we will likely cover the new brand that you’ve changed to. 

We’re able to undertake air-conditioning services for these different brands because we have the knowledge and understanding required. This saves you the hassle of always looking for a new air conditioner company every time you change a new air conditioner brand. 

Wide Variety of Services 

We don’t just maintain and service air conditioners. We also provide repairs, installations, gas topping up and chemical overhaul services. This is to meet the growing needs of our consumers and to provide them with an all-rounded service provider that they can always return to. 

Affordable Prices 

We know that price may sometimes be a deterrent for customers to engage a professional aircon service provider for maintenance services. Our team has made it highly affordable and reasonable to enlist our help for the different services that we offer. 

We’re pleased to deliver straightforward plans that cut to the chase and make sure that you know exactly what you’re paying for. You can sign up for our packages to enjoy further savings while your air conditioners are regularly maintained to achieve long-lasting use. 

We Value Your Satisfaction 

At the end of the day, we want you to be satisfied and thrilled with the results we deliver. Air-conditioning services are not a one-off activity - they’re meant to go on over the long term in order to make sure that your air conditioners are constantly kept in perfect working condition. 

Therefore, we make it a point to provide strong and detailed customer service, especially in after-sales support. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our competent and experienced team of technicians! 

Supported with Accolades and Awards

Think we’re all talking? 

Think again - you’ll be glad to know that over the years, we’ve amassed a substantial number of awards and certifications. 81Aircon has long been recognized as a reliable local service provider that pours its all into its services. We’re also BizSafe3-certified for your peace of mind. 


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