Top Up Gas - When I Need Aircon Gas Coolant Service | 81Aircon

Top Up Gas - When I Need Aircon Gas Coolant Service | 81Aircon

Regular maintenance and servicing for your air conditioner is paramount to ensuring that it works efficiently throughout its entire lifespan. You can buy any air conditioner from reputable brands, but as long as you fail to get an expert to service it for you, it serves no difference from any other aircon. 

The air conditioner gas is a key component of your appliance. In general, you should re-gas your air conditioner’s cooling system every one to two years. It is important to hire a professional to check your coolant and gas levels before proceeding to top up gas. 

In order to truly determine how often you should be topping up your air conditioner’s gas, here are some telltale signs and issues to look out for.

It’s No Longer Cold

After turning on your air conditioner and letting it run for some time, you expect to be greeted with a pleasantly cool room. Instead, it’s as though the air conditioner isn’t operating at all; the room feels hot and stuffy like before.

This is a common indication of low gas levels and a need to refill it. 

Gas Leaks 

When your air conditioner’s tubing is damaged, it can cause gas to leak. Damage can occur from improper installation and poor quality tubing. If gas leaks, you need to top up the gas after rectifying the defective tubing. 

It Turns On and Off Often

Does your air conditioner exhibit strange behavior or patterns? If it turns on and off by itself all the time, it may be a signal of low gas levels. Topping up the gas should allow it to return to its regular performance. 

Ice Accumulating on Coils 

Your air conditioner has no freezer, so naturally, you should not see any solid pieces of ice forming on the coils. This problem happens when there is no coolant in the air conditioner, causing the coils to freeze the water vapour and leading to various complications. 

Air Conditioner Continues to Run Without Rest

Does it seem as though your air conditioner can never reach the desired cutoff temperature? You may notice that your air conditioner continues to operate without stopping. You need to top up the gas to avoid the system from breaking down or incurring hefty utility bills. 

When Your Aircon Technician Determines It

Remember that you need to perform aircon cleaning routinely? After a regular servicing or maintenance, an expert doesn’t just check why problems like your aircon blinking light and aircon water leak is happening - he/she can also determine whether the gas levels are too low for it to function properly. This is why it is important to schedule regular checks to discover underlying problems before they become difficult to resolve. 

Benefits of Topping Up Your Gas Regularly 

Be diligent when it comes to the maintenance of your electrical appliances that you use often. By checking and topping up your aircon gas routinely whenever needed, you reduce the load on your aircon, enjoy better cooling effects, decrease mechanical problems, and save on the amount of power used. 

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