Understanding How Aircon Servicing Works

Understanding How Aircon Servicing Works

So, you understand that aircon servicing is an essential part of maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioner. Since air conditioners work day and night, sometimes even 24/7, routine servicing to treat wear and tear is very important. After sourcing for an aircon servicing company and getting them to come over, what’s next? In this article, let us go through the different steps involved in an aircon servicing for a comprehensive look on what the experts will do.

• Thorough Washing

Before starting, remember to switch off your air conditioner and the power supply. This prevents potential electrical hazards. Your air conditioner functions like a well-oiled machine through a combination of parts. During an aircon servicing, the technicians wash certain parts. They include the filters and outer panels to ensure optimal performance. A clogged filter can cause a variety of problems, like leaking water, reduced efficiency and excessive power consumption. After cleaning, deodorisation and purification will be administered to achieve fresh and healthy air. The blower wheel and fan coil will also be deep cleaned. Next, the condenser will be cleansed of dirt and debris, as well as other particles or substances that may obstruct the condenser coil. Both the inner and outer sides of the condenser will be thoroughly cleaned. The aircon drainage pipe and tray will then be inspected for pooling, then cleaned and emptied of any present debris clogging it. If pooling occurs, the condensation pump will be checked.

• Checking of Tubes

The aircon servicing team will proceed to check your aircon tubes for any leaks, cracks or holes. If any, they will be sealed or amended immediately.

• Checking of Condenser

As a key part of the air conditioner, the condenser will be checked to make sure that there is smooth air circulation at the optimal temperature and pressure.

• Checking the Outdoor Unit

While it is important to check the indoor air-conditioning units, checking the outdoor unit is as crucial. The servicing staff will check if there is any dirt or corrosion, and whether the unit is kept at a leveled position. If it is not leveled, this can cause the compressors and aircon fan motors to wear down much faster than usual. Leveling it will also ensure that the air conditioner’s drain and other parts work well.

• Additional Services: Chemical Wash and Overhaul

A chemical wash is usually recommended for air conditioners that run for over 8 hours daily without maintenance. For units that have not been serviced for over half a year, chemical overhauls are proposed. If you have an aircon water leak, cools after a long time, or emits foul odours, a chemical wash is necessary. A chemical wash removes dust and dirt, freeing it of accumulated debris and other substances. You will find this available both as a commercial aircon service and residential service.

• Gas Top Up

Over time, your air conditioner may experience leakage of the gas used as a refrigerant. During aircon servicing, the experts will use a gauge to determine refrigerant levels. Insufficient refrigerant levels can cause improper or lack of cooling. When there is leakage, aircon repair and a gas top up is recommended.

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