Types of Ducted and Ductless Air Conditioners

Types of Ducted and Ductless Air Conditioners

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Whether you’re looking at residential or commercial buildings, the air-conditioning is always an important aspect to deal with. You need to start off your selection with choosing between a ducted or ductless air-conditioning system. 

After all, buying an air-conditioning system is a costly decision that will affect your comfort for many years to come. Making the right choice at the beginning will go a long way in helping you maximize costs while enjoying all the cooling comfort you seek. 

In this article, we go through some of the common types of air-conditioning systems you can discover that are widely used. 

Ducted Air-conditioning System

A ducted air-conditioning system delivers cooling via a network of ducts spread out in your home or commercial building. Typically, a central unit is located in the basement, and consists of a compressor, condenser and an air handling unit (AHU). 

This central unit offers cool air that is distributed throughout the area using ducts and vents to give suitable control over the temperature. 

They are usually divided into two types, the split-system and packaged central air conditioners. 

Split-system Central Air Conditioners 

One of the most common kinds you’ll find outside, this system is made up of the compressor and condenser that are installed outside as a single package. An evaporator is put indoors separately within a container located in the basement. 

These systems are placed individually because of their size. The air conditioners are typically 3 times the size of a packaged central air-conditioning system that is equivalent to the split-system air conditioner. You can expect a higher efficiency compared to packaged systems. 

Packaged Central Air Conditioners 

In a packaged central air-conditioning system, the different components like the compressor and evaporator are placed in a single unit. They are usually situated on the roof or beside the building wall. It’s ideal for commercial buildings or in homes where the space is limited inside. 

Big ducts that regulate the air act as the AHU that circulates the air back into the room. These systems are usually less-efficient than split-system air conditioners but do not take up space indoors. 

Ductless Air-conditioning System 

Wall-mounted Single-split

In Singapore, you’ll find plenty of ductless air-conditioning systems everywhere, whether that’s in homes or offices. This type of air-conditioning system is identified by its mounted indoor unit, high up on walls. The indoor and outdoor units are connected via a series of pipes. The outdoor unit powers up one unit in the home. 

For example, We recommend buying a reliable Toshiba R32 air conditioner or Toshiba R32 Inverter air conditioner. 

Wall-mounted Multi-split

This is a similar system to the mini-split, but the difference lies in the outdoor unit being able to power more than one indoor unit. It also requires a larger outdoor unit to deliver sufficient power to the many indoor units. It’s the most common type of wall-mounted air-conditioning system you can find because of its space-saving abilities for the outdoor unit. 


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