Types of Common Aircon Repair Services

Types of Common Aircon Repair Services

An air conditioner is often a heavily used appliance, no thanks to the unrelenting heat on our sunny island. Given that it’s used so frequently, it’s no surprise that repairs are occasionally needed, even for the best brands you can find. What kind of aircon repair service your unit requires depends on the type of problem it experiences. Instead of focusing on a cheap aircon repair service, you should source for a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Here are some of the common aircon repair services to expect:

• Replacement of Condenser

The aircon condenser is a key component of your unit. It is in charge of receiving high-pressure gas from the compressor and converting it into a liquid state via heat transfer. In doing so, the latent heat is diffused by the substance and moved to the surrounding environment. Various problems can occur with the condenser, which may eventually call for a complete replacement. For example, it can be too old and beyond its expected lifespan, causing operating issues. A blocked or poorly installed condenser can also require a change.

• Leaking Aircon

Experiencing an aircon water leak?

This may be caused by a blocked, dirty or improperly installed unit. A blocked air filter prevents airflow through the system. This results in freezing and ice forming on the filter. When you turn off the air conditioner or when the set temperature is attained, the ice starts to melt and gradually drips out of the unit. If the air filter is clogged or filthy, it obstructs airflow to the evaporator. This leads to a reduction in temperature and subsequently, a frozen coil. When the unit is switched off, the ice also begins to melt and leak water. A clogged drain line due to piled up dirt, debris, mould or fungi can inhibit water flow out of the air conditioner. This can result in excess water or spillage.

• Welding Works

Over time, air conditioner coils can deteriorate. If holes appear, you can opt to perform welding works first. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the entire coil that is damaged.

• Replacement of Capacitor

Overheating is a leading cause of a spoilt capacitor. Overheating stems from continued, uninterrupted usage of your air conditioner. One way to identify this is listening for a humming sound even if the fan is not operating.

• Replacement of Circuit Board

Regardless of what it is, electrical components are subjected to wear and tear. An Inverter air conditioner usually needs an entire circuit board replacement because it is more complicated and typically contains most electrical components soldered within. As long as any component is faulty, the entire circuit board must be replaced. Sometimes, the introduction of a high voltage that goes beyond the manageable threshold of a circuit board can also damage it.

• Replacement of Fan Motor

If the condenser unit’s fan motor is not running even though your compressor is functioning, this signals a malfunctioning motor. The cause needs to be identified before proceeding with replacing it. For example, if the fan motor issue stems from a faulty circuit board, you need to replace both components. It is imperative to ensure that your fan motor is running properly to reduce the likelihood of your unit overheating.

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