Troubleshooting Your Mitsubishi Starmex 5 Ticks Aircon

Troubleshooting Your Mitsubishi Starmex 5 Ticks Aircon

Although modern air conditioners today are relatively reliable with minimal issues, the occasional hiccup can still happen. 

This applies even to the popular Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks aircon series. 

Before you groan and reach towards your phone to ring up the air conditioner maintenance guy, check out some common problems and corresponding ways you can try to fix your Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks aircon first! Although you may not be able to personally troubleshoot every issue, you can identify early signs and remedy them. 

  • Lack of Cooling

Is your air conditioner running without cool air being dispersed? 

Should you encounter this problem, it likely means that either of two sections is the cause: the inner fan coil or the outdoor condenser. 

The latter brings in the cool air created by the inner part, and if it is the reason for the absence of cool air, call your air-conditioning expert. This is because the outdoor condenser usually has elaborate parts and a dangerously-high amount of voltage. Avoid risking an accident happening when you try to resolve it yourself. 

  • Coolant Leak

An air conditioner’s coolant acts as its very centre. It is responsible for creating the cool air that you feel. If the coolant drops, it can be a reason for its poor performance. 

You can prevent this problem from happening by using measures like routine checkups and maintenance. We also recommend that you contact your air-conditioning expert when you notice early signs of coolant issues. 

  • Mechanical Issues

Mechanical problems are tricky because they cannot be easily distinguished. Therefore, it calls for an expert to identify and solve the issue. 

  • Plug Overload

Is your air conditioner sharing the same power supply as other appliances? This may be a reason for it to stop working abruptly. Although sharing a power supply is convenient, we advise you to use individual power supplies for each electrical appliance to prevent such problems. 

  • Electricity Supply Problems 

Sometimes, the electricity supply can trigger air conditioner-related problems. Check whether other electrical appliances are working when the supply is turned on, and the fuse box to see if the power supply has tripped or turned off. 

  • Condenser Freezing 

Occasionally, an air conditioner’s condenser can freeze up. To prevent this, perform regular checks on your unit and engage a professional to carry out repairs for you. 

  • Leaking Trouble 

If you realise that your Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks aircon is experiencing leaking issues, start fixing it by removing your unit from the wall carefully. Next, clean out the main drain pipe to remove water that may have been condensed outside. 

If the pipe is blocked, it will have a hard time being drained out. Use a powerful source of water pressure to unblock it. You can use bleach to clean the pipe. Dry the parts under the sun after you have completed the above steps and proceed to assemble the unit back together. 

Do not insist on fixing it yourself if you are unsure at any point, as you may cause greater harm and trigger other problems instead. 

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