The Important Components in Your Air Conditioner - 81Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

The Important Components in Your Air Conditioner - 81Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

Your air conditioner is made of many different parts and components that work together to get a single machine functioning. It’s the same between a residential and a commercial aircon.

Among these parts, there are some which are more important than the others, in the sense that they have greater responsibilities and are more crucial in the air conditioner’s operations. 

Which are these parts, and why are they so important? If you have some understanding of this, you may find it easier to deal with your air conditioner when problems occur or dealing with it on a daily basis in general. 

The 3 Key Parts of an Air Conditioner

A typical air conditioner consists of 3 primary parts. They are the compressor, evaporator and condenser. An air conditioner cannot work properly if any of these are not functioning.

If problems happen with these components, we do not recommend fixing them because it will be costly and difficult to do so. It doesn’t matter even if you engage a commercial aircon service provider - it will yield the same result.

Most of the time, you will expect to change the entire unit or even the whole air conditioner itself. 


An air conditioner works by taking in heat from inside the home and expelling it outside while replacing that heat with cool air. The compressor is known as the core of an air conditioner because it’s in charge of converting the gas into a liquid form and helping in the cooling process.

It uses the refrigerant to complete this action.

The gas is converted into a liquid form and back to a gaseous state again. When you turn on the air conditioner and set your desired temperature, the refrigerant reaches the compressor.

The refrigerant then takes in the heat inside the home that goes into the compressor through the suction line. The compressor compresses the gas together, and the molecules raise the gas’ pressure and temperature.

When this high-pressure gas turns extremely hot, it ventures into the condenser before it turns cool and converts back into a liquid form. 


Overall, it plays an indispensable role in the cooling process.


The next most important part of an air conditioner is the condenser. This is a component that is used for the heat transfer process to happen.

It condenses an element from the gaseous state to a liquid form.

As a kind of heat exchanger, its primary responsibility is to release the heat in the gas.

You might feel like a condenser looks similar to a radiator. It’s constructed of hollow coils, where the high-pressure and hot gas enters after it travels to the condenser during the cooling process.

The condenser helps the heat to escape, lowers the temperature of the gas and converts it into a liquid form.


The evaporator is involved in the final step of the cooling process. After the cold liquid exits the condenser, it turns into gas in the evaporator due to the low pressure.

A fan will blow the room’s hot air over the cold coils to lower the temperature of the air, thereby helping in the air and coils’ contact. The fan blows the cold air back into the room again. The gas exits the evaporator and goes into the compressor, and the entire cycle repeats again.

This continues until the room temperature reaches your desired temperature.  


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