The Different Commercial Aircon Services You Can Find

The Different Commercial Aircon Services You Can Find

Be it at home or at work, air conditioners are practically irreplaceable in our daily functioning and lives. They may be taken for granted at the workplace sometimes, but as appliances that operate throughout most of the day, they are highly important in our everyday lives at work. Do you realise that we need commercial air-conditioning services just as much as we need them for residential purposes? When it boils down to such services like commercial aircon servicing or commercial aircon repair from a commercial aircon servicing company, they are similar to residential services. Most, if not all, aircon servicing companies provide services to both types of systems. Here are some of the commercial aircon services you can easily find when the need arises. Installation Every air conditioner’s lifespan starts the moment it is installed. This starting point is of vital importance to the performance of the unit going forward. Since it’s going to be utilised most days of the week for most of a day, it’s necessary to get an expert to install it for you. Regular Maintenance and Servicing Since air conditioners have heavy usage, it is important to have it serviced at least once a year. This should be so for almost brand new units with zero to minimal signs of damage. For older units that have been running for a while, it may be better to service them more often or whenever needed. Day in, day out, dirt, dust and foreign particles can build up inside your air conditioners. They may get lodged in the coils and filters, and lower the appliance’s efficiency. Failing to resolve this can lead to complicated problems, like damage to other parts or components since it inhibits air flow and causes heating inside your unit. Regular servicing and maintenance can maintain its efficiency and overall functioning at an optimal rate for many years ahead. Technicians will wash and clean the various parts, inspect for brewing issues and top up the coolant if needed. Troubleshooting and Repairing Even new air conditioners can occasionally face problems. Whether big or small, getting experienced air-conditioning technicians can help to diagnose and troubleshoot the issues, before repairing your unit. Repairing minor issues can help to prolong and make sure that your air conditioner rides out the rest of its remaining lifespan as it should. Chemical Treatment When you don’t clean or service your air conditioner timely, it can lead to a more troublesome problem where the dirt and grime do not wash off easily. Yes, it happens, especially in the workplace where air conditioners’ presence may not always be felt. This can clog up your unit and cause it to malfunction. Chemical treatments help to dislodge and clean your unit properly so that your appliance can operate as per normal again. Chemical Overhaul A chemical overhaul is also conducted on commercial air conditioners. As mentioned before, this service involves thoroughly cleaning your affected air conditioner unit. It is a deeper form of cleaning as compared to chemical treatments. Technicians will recommend this only if a chemical treatment is insufficient to rid your appliance of accumulated dirt and dust.


There are many types of commercial aircon service you can find in the market today. Getting a suitable commercial aircon service can greatly benefit not just your commercial aircon system, but your residential one as well.

Remember that every aircon system, regardless of which it is, requires regular servicing and maintenance, and a professional can be a wiser choice than trying to DIY it yourself.

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