The Best 3 Smart Air Conditioners of 2021

The Best 3 Smart Air Conditioners of 2021

The Best 3 Smart Air Conditioners of 2021 

It’s 2021, and smart aircon systems have been blazing ahead of the competition. We know how smart air conditioners come with a plethora of advantages. Think of it as a Tesla, but for your cooling comfort, whether at home or at the office. 

Some well-known benefits are: Convenience Flexibility Reduced energy bills Lower carbon footprint In this article, we’re taking an insightful look into smart air conditioners and some of the best choices available in Singapore today. Ready? What Is a Smart Air Conditioner? 

Let’s recap. A smart aircon is a modern solution to conventional air conditioners. A typical smart aircon allows you to regulate the temperature and control other settings with a smartphone. 

You can download the control system as an app on your phone, or even connect it to voice assistants like Alexa or your smart home system. Over the years, manufacturers have continued to revamp and add to existing features to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers. 

Therefore, it makes sense that a smart aircon offers plenty of benefits. For example, its flexibility means that you can control it anywhere and save energy as a result. Can I Make My Aircon Smart? Think that you cannot simply turn any regular air conditioner into a smart aircon with a smart aircon system? You may be able to, to a certain extent. For example, if you own a portable air conditioner, you can connect them to a smart plug that links to your Wi-Fi. 

This way, it is possible to control your air conditioner from your smartphone or with a voice assistant. 

However, you need to check whether your air conditioner is compatible first before trying this method. How Does a Smart Aircon Work? First, let’s understand what makes an air conditioner smart - it needs to have Wi-Fi functioning that allows it to connect to an app. This is what allows it to toggle and monitor it with your device. 

A smart aircon controller imitates the infrared signal emitted by your air conditioner’s remote controller as it uses the Wi-Fi network to link with an app on your smartphone. This allows you to connect it to your smartphone to control it conveniently. 

The Best Smart Air Conditioners in 2021

Knowing the many benefits of smart air conditioners and smart aircon systems, which are the top choices to choose from? Our team has evaluated the different models and brands available in Singapore. Let us go through them with you! Daikin iSmile ECO Daikin is a revolutionary brand that came up with the world’s first way to use the R32 refrigerant for air conditioners. 

The iSmile ECO series is an environmentally friendly range that uses the newest R32 gas. It comes with built-in smart control with a cool range of energy-saving functions and features. You can upgrade it easily to Daikin’s proprietary D’SmartHome smart home system. 

This allows you to connect electronic devices and appliances together. The premium quality PM2.5 filter helps to trap tiny harmful particles to give you cleaner and healthier air. The iSmile ECO also comes in a contemporary and slim design that fits comfortably in HDBs and BTOs! LG ArtCool Plus In 2019, LG added a Wi-Fi feature to its premium ArtCool Plus range of air conditioners. 

Buyers can control the air conditioners remotely via the LG SmartThinQ app on their smartphones. This gives them added convenience and flexibility to monitor household usage trends and patterns on the move. The air conditioner also comes equipped with advanced features like its Plasmaster Ionizer. This enables it to release more than 3 million ions to eliminate bacteria and toxic substances in the air. 

As a result, you receive air that is 99.9% cleaner to facilitate healthy and clean breathing. LG also has multi-split Inverter outdoor units that are highly energy-efficient with 4 to 5 ticks. They come with a Brushless DC electric motor that helps to boost the compressor’s energy efficiency and endurance. Samsung 5 Ticks Multi-Split Inverter System Samsung introduced Singapore’s first-ever multi-split Inverter system that has 5 ticks and built-in smart Wi-Fi control attributes. 

Together with its unique triangular design, these units offer phenomenal cooling performance while minimizing energy usage. Its Virus Doctor feature is an exceptional air-purifying technology that functions as an ionizer. It helps to get rid of up to 99% of the contaminants in the air. This smart aircon system also has the Easy Clean 3-Care Filter that complements the Virus Doctor function. Both of them work together to create clean and healthy indoor air. 


Smart air conditioners are enjoying increasing popularity and hype for plenty of reasons. If you haven’t owned one yet, it may be time to do so. Check the available brands and models in the market, conduct your own research and ask the questions you need before spending any money. While we aim to provide you with essential information that helps you make an informed choice, the decision ultimately lies with you.

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