Tackling a Noisy Air Conditioner: Why and How to Fix It

Tackling a Noisy Air Conditioner: Why and How to Fix It

  • Noise pollution is very real, and it has a detrimental impact on our mental well-being. Unwanted noise can affect our ability to concentrate, relax, sleep, and dampen our mood. 

In severe cases, it can even cause heart disease, high blood pressure and stress. 

Any form of sound above 65dB is considered noise pollution, and harmful when it exceeds 75dB. Since your air conditioner is an appliance you tend to use often in hot and humid Singapore, the impact of any noisy sounds it emits can be great. 

Here are some types of noise your air conditioner may emit, and how you can resolve it. 

  • Humming 

You might think that humming is a common sound an air conditioner produces, but it can also be a sign of something wrong with your unit. 

Occasionally, a loose part or refrigerant-related problem can cause vibration and humming. Sometimes, it can be due to electrical noises. 

  • Whistling

Had the shock of your life when your air conditioner suddenly shrieked or whistled loudly? This points to a refrigerant leak, an extremely serious problem that has to be fixed immediately. 

A refrigerant leak can negatively affect both the appliance and your loved ones’ health. Turn off the appliance as soon as possible and contact an air conditioner servicing expert for help. 

  • Rattling

Does your air conditioner rattle as though there is something stuck inside? 

If it does, it means that your air-conditioning unit is beginning to wear down. The parts inside are likely to have started loosening up, or the fans inside may be hitting against other parts. 

To check, open the unit by loosening the casing and peering inside for any unusual activity. 

Tips to Fix Your Noisy Air Conditioner

  • Check for Stuck Debris 

Remember to always turn off your air conditioner before performing any checks yourself. Open up the external casing and see if any debris is stuck inside the unit, or if any damage is present. 

  • Check for Loose Placement 

Turn off your air conditioner and remove the casing. Check if the fan blades are positioned in an awkward manner. If they are, refer to the point below. 

  • Get Your Air Conditioner Fixed by an Expert 

When your air conditioner has serious issues that cannot be fixed by a simple DIY, we recommend you to ring up your trusted air conditioner expert to help you. Insisting on tinkering with it yourself may cause additional damage to your unit. 

  • Change Your Air Conditioner 

If your air conditioner can no longer be fixed, or if your air conditioner expert advises you to, it is best to switch to a new air conditioner. This ensures the working conditions and the safety of your family. 

Air conditioners like Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks and Mitsubishi 5 ticks have an easy clean design that makes it easy for you to open and clean the unit. This means that checking for issues is also simple to do. 

You can also buy Toshiba aircon with their Toshiba 5 ticks series that have intelligent designs to make your life easier. 

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