Smart Air Conditioners: Are They for You?

Smart Air Conditioners: Are They for You?

In today’s increasingly technology-savvy world, even our daily appliances have become “smarter”. Smart air conditioners come equipped with a full suite of cool functions to meet your everyday needs in an efficient manner. 

Here are some of their prominent features: 

  • Smartphone Control

Is your trusty smartphone always right by your side wherever you are, from working to commuting, and sleeping to exercising? 

Many smart air conditioners can be controlled with your smartphone. This gives you unrivalled accessibility and convenience to toggle your air conditioner settings wherever you are, whenever. 

Some air conditioners can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. For example, LG’s Artcool and Dual Inverter smart air conditioners use their own Thin Q technology to let you configure the temperature on the go. 

They also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to allow you to change settings with simple voice commands. 

Daikin’s D’SmartHome technology also enables you to connect your electronic appliances in order to seamlessly control them from your smartphone. One model that implements this is the Daikin iSmile series. 

Being able to control your air conditioner with your smartphone can even enhance your comfort; for example, you can turn on your air conditioner before reaching home so that you will be greeted with a cool home to unwind in. 

  • Smart Detection

Air conditioners like Mitsubishi 5 ticks and Daikin iSmile can detect the presence of human activity in a room. This allows them to change the air conditioner settings accordingly. Even if you forget to turn off your air conditioner before going out, you can be assured that the air conditioners will modify and turn off operations themselves. 

A Mitsubishi Heavy aircon has a similar motion sensor that can detect movement and adjust the temperature settings accordingly. 

Under its fuzzy auto operation, its temperature and humidity sensors check room conditions and automatically manage the operation mode and setting temperature. This is highly useful for swings in weather conditions, especially in Singapore where the weather is always erratic. 

Is a Smart Air Conditioner Suitable for You?

While a smart air conditioner is a revolutionary product, it may not be suited for everyone. It may be an ideal choice for you if these factors apply: 

  • Forgetful 

Do you find yourself forgetting to turn off your appliances often, whether you are rushing off or not? Keeping your electrical appliances running while nobody is using them can pose a huge waste of electricity and higher utility bills. 

Smart air conditioners that can turn themselves on or off, or alter the temperature settings depending on human presence, can give you great savings over the long term. 

A smart air conditioner can be a welcomed addition to your home with its cost savings. 

  • Enjoys Convenience 

Does the idea of convenience always appeal to you? If you find manually adjusting your air conditioner a hassle, you may appreciate the convenient solution a smart air conditioner brings. 

Imagine yourself lounging comfortably in another room, and your mum asking you to turn the air conditioner off in the next room. A smart air conditioner allows you to do that without moving. 

Such small conveniences can contribute to a better quality of living. 

  • Willing to Use a New Technology-Based Product 

New technology and functions can be confusing for people who are unfamiliar with using such products. You must be able to embrace them with an open mind and willingness to learn. 

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