Dirty Air Filter

In order to prevent damage to the aircon system, the filter helps to trap airborne debris traveling through the ductwork before it can do significant damage to it. Leaving the filter unchanged for very long periods of time can cause it to become clogged and restrict the flow of air. A frozen evaporator coil can cause the air to no longer be cooled if this occurs.

Dirty Coils

It is possible that the condenser coils are dirty and filled with debris if the air conditioner is not cold enough. A condenser dissipates heat from the air that has been removed by the air conditioner. It is a necessity to keep the condenser coil clean so that heat can be dissipated outside. Air conditioners become less efficient as they accumulate dirt, making them work harder to cool the room. Clean coils allow the unit to be cold enough to cool a room, but dirty coils prevent it from doing so.

Heat Pump Damaged

Your residence or workplace will remain cold with the help of the condenser in an air conditioner. A clogged condenser will provide you with uncomfortable air during summer. As dirt and grime build up on this component over time, it will not allow cool air into the room as it is needed. This will minimize the efficiency of the unit and you will end up disappointed in the long run. Once a month is the minimum amount of time you should wash your condenser for the most effective results.

Blockage in Condenser

A heat pump is similar to an air conditioner, with a few different components inside that allow it to cool and heat your home. Like air conditioner condensers, it works like fans and is prone to the same problems as air conditioners: dirty coils, clogged coils, frozen coils, refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunction, etc. If your heat pump system is not working properly, check your thermostat settings, air filter, and condenser unit for the problems described above.

Compressor is Faulty

A compressor is the heart of an Air conditioner unit, responsible for cooling your space. However, the compressor may be at fault if the air conditioner is not cooling. An evaporator and condenser coil contains coils that circulate refrigerant through the compressor, which compresses it. However, the refrigeration cycle does not start and the air conditioner does not cool when the compressor stops working.

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