Question: Is a Midea 4 Ticks Aircon Better Than a Mitsubishi 5 Ticks Aircon?

Question: Is a Midea 4 Ticks Aircon Better Than a Mitsubishi 5 Ticks Aircon?

Given a choice, would you choose a Midea air conditioner over a Mitsubishi air conditioner - furthermore, one that is also 4 ticks versus the latter’s 5-tick rating?

Most people will go for a brand that is reputable and well known. In this case, Mitsubishi would typically be the choice brand, intensified by the fact that it has 5 ticks.

Despite being fairly obscure in Singapore, Midea is one of China’s top 3 appliance manufacturers that export their goods to the rest of the world. It is also the world’s leading air treatment brand. 

On the other hand, Mitsubishi Electric is a spinoff of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the major electronics firm. It is a world-famous company well-known for its electrical appliances, especially its air-conditioning systems. 

If you’re stuck between these two choices, here are some factors you can consider putting into your purchase decision.


In general, a Mitsubishi 5 ticks air conditioner, like a Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks model, will cost more than a Midea unit. When it comes to pricing, it is important to consider your budget. Would you go for a premium-priced brand or a more affordable option?

If you lack the budget for a pricey air conditioner, it may be wiser to get a Midea 4 ticks unit if it is less expensive and does its job well. It is not necessary to always get an appliance that is expensive. 


True enough, a 5-tick air conditioner is more likely to offer greater monetary savings over the long term, which is a reason why it’s usually priced more than models with fewer ticks. 

This means that a Mitsubishi 5 ticks air conditioner will rack up lower electricity costs as compared to a Midea 4 ticks unit. If you’re a heavy user, this can be huge potential savings, so remember to factor this into your consideration. 

Rating aside, take a look at the features each brand delivers. 

Using Midea Opal, a popular 4 ticks model as an example, has a noise level of 32dB, which is roughly the noise level of an empty concert hall. It uses an Inverter Quattro system to deliver precise temperatures as desired. 

Mitsubishi Starmex has a noise level of 19dB, and as the quietest in the market, you can be assured of optimal peace and comfort. It also has Inverter technology equipped, a slew of different filters, and a smart sensor to detect human activity. 

In this aspect, it is clear that a Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks air conditioner outperforms a Midea 4 ticks air conditioner.


How many choices do you have to choose from each brand to give you a myriad of different options and flexibility?

For Midea, their 4-tick models come in the Opal and AI Multi-Split series. Each series has a different focus - the Opal on its Inverter Quattro technology and the latter on its filtration and anti-mold capabilities. 

Under Mitsubishi Starmex, they also have varying series you can consider, which are the:

FN Series - A compact and trendy unit that emphasises on easy installation in small spaces, it also gives you the choice of choosing the optimal capacity you need for each individual room.

GN Single Split System - Crafted to give you maximum cooling performance and comfort, this revolutionary single-split system is packed with a range of Mitsubishi Electric’s newest technologies. 

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