Let's Compare: Midea vs Panasonic

Let's Compare: Midea vs Panasonic

Let’s look into two up-and-coming air conditioner brands: Midea and Panasonic.

The former is a relatively new brand to hit the market despite being established a long time ago. It first entered the air-conditioning sector in 1985 by launching residential units, before it introduced commercial units in 1989. Today, it is the world’s leading air treatment brand in terms of production volume with footprint in over 200 countries worldwide.

On the other hand, the latter has a rich history in the air-conditioning market that began way back in 1958. Under the brand National, it initiated its first window-type air conditioner model, the Home Cooler.Panasonic also holds the title of the first Japanese air conditioner manufacturer in Europe. Since then, it’s left a blazing trail of innovation in the likes of inverter systems, the first gas heat pump VRF air conditioner, first simultaneous 3-pipe heating/cooling VRF system, and many more. Whether you choose a Panasonic aircon multi split model or single split model, you can enjoy the many features it brings. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits associated with each air conditioner brand.

• Affordable

Midea positions itself as a value-for-money brand you can trust. The price points of their air conditioners are relatively lower than the other air conditioners in the market. However, it does not compromise on quality, and delivers what is expected of a proper air conditioner. This makes it a good choice for those looking to cut back on costs or have limited budgets. This applies to various ticks, from a Midea 4 ticks to 2 ticks model.

• Improves Health

Midea uses its exclusive Plasma Electron capability to boost your health effectively. It gets rid of airborne germs, bacteria, smoke, pollen and other contaminants in indoor air. This makes it an ideal choice for young children, the elderly, those who have allergies, and more.

• Anti-Mould

Midea’s air conditioners have a futuristic hydrophilic fin evaporator. As the unit cools, condensation water washes away oil and dirt on the evaporator. When the unit is switched off, the air conditioner’s louvre remains open with fan mode to dry out the coil and pipes. This continues for up to 15 minutes to prevent mould from forming.


• Odour Management

If fresh and clean air is important to you, then Panasonic is a great choice. Equipped with effective odour protection, Panasonic air conditioners combat against the accumulation and production of unwanted air conditioner odours.

• 24/7 Protection

Panasonic air conditioners can locate unpleasant particles and even microscopic dirt and germs in the air. It can get rid of them easily and maintain the air quality. Even if the air conditioner is switched off, it continues protecting users against bacteria with its Super Alleru Buster Filter. First introduced back in 2006, it has a strong anti-allergen material, Phenolic Hydroxyl Polymer that catches and inactivates allergens and their waste products. The Phenolic Hydroxyl ions attach themselves to the allergens, coating and therefore inactivating them.

• Tough and Sturdy

Let’s look into two up-and-coming air conditioner brands: Midea and Panasonic.

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