Let's Compare: Daikin iSmile vs Mitsubishi Starmex

Let's Compare: Daikin iSmile vs Mitsubishi Starmex

There are many established air-conditioning brands in the market today. Some of the more popular brands like Mitsubishi Electric, LG and Mitsubishi Heavy aircon instantly come to mind.

To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits they provide, assessing the leading functions of popular models is a good way to start.

Let's begin with two highly raved models: the Daikin iSmile 5 ticks and Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks air conditioners.

Daikin iSmile

• Smart Control

One popular feature of the Daikin iSmile air conditioner is its inbuilt smart control. This is extremely convenient, especially with majority of us being smartphone users.

You can easily use your smartphone to toggle your air conditioner's settings. Some benefits include being able to turn off your unit even if you are out. This ensures that no electricity is wasted when someone forgets to switch it off and no one is in the room using it.

Other functions to expect are displaying the outdoor temperature, setting the airflow direction, fan speed and operation mode. For parents, you will be glad to know that it also has a child lock safety setting.

Under the weekly timer setting, you can choose up to 6 of these actions to be programmed for each day of the week. This covers not just turning your air conditioner on or off but setting the temperatures as well. By setting this timer, you need not use your remote control to operate your unit.

• Compact and Easy to Install

HDBs and BTOs have limited living area, where space-saving appliances are much-welcomed. Daikin’s iSmile air conditioner is uniquely designed to be both modern and compact.

This allows it to blend in with any interior layout of your home seamlessly, while enabling you to install their indoor units above the door of your home to manage space constraints.

The outdoor unit is designed with your requirements in mind. It is compact enough to fit through a narrow window or limited space, facilitating easy installation.

Mitsubishi Starmex

• Catechin Plus Air Purification System

Catechins are bioflavonoids, natural antioxidants with antiviral properties that help to reduce cell damage. They also have deodorising capabilities that aid in removing odours and bad smells.

Usually, you’ll find them in green tea.

Mitsubishi Starmex’s air conditioners have catechins infused within every molecule of the pre-filter. With routine washes, its deodorising effectiveness can last over a decade.

• Cleaning-Free Technology

Apart from using the ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant, Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioners’ Inverter-powered models are the industry’s first to use hard alkyl benzene (HAB) oil. Ester oil is typically used, but it causes clogging, sludge formation, and disallows the use of existing R22 pipes.

HAB oil is a unique refrigerant oil that deteriorates very slowly. With their exclusive cleaning-free technologies, like optimum distribution of heat exchanges, it prevents oil stagnation and allows the reuse of previously installed R22 pipeworks.

This oil also enables higher working pressure without any special cleaning needed.

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