Let’s Compare: Daikin iSmile vs Daikin EZi Series

Let’s Compare: Daikin iSmile vs Daikin EZi Series

As a leading air-conditioning brand, Daikin has a barrage of world-class air conditioner systems classed in different groupings according to their features. 

Two of the most popular choices among users are the Daikin iSmile and Daikin EZi series of air conditioners. 

What’s the difference between them, since they are both under the same brand? If you’re a first-time buyer or unfamiliar with air conditioners, it can be tricky to choose between these two. 

Read on for a comparison to help facilitate your decision-making process!  

Energy Efficiency

The Daikin iSmile series is under the Daikin 5 ticks range of air conditioners, and in contrast, the EZi series typically features 3 ticks. This essentially means that the Daikin iSmile air conditioners are more energy efficient against Daikin EZi air conditioners. 

For a user seeking to maximise energy potential and reduce unnecessary electrical costs, the Daikin iSmile is a preferred option. Both are Inverter-based systems, so there is no difference in that aspect. 

Overall Features

While both the Daikin iSmile and Daikin EZi air conditioners have impressive features, the former stands out for its exceptional range of abilities beyond that of the latter.

For example, it has heavy-duty power airflow dual flaps, a horizontal auto-swing, 3-D airflow, a built-in wireless lan connecting adaptor, a smart intelligent eye sensor and more: all which the Daikin EZi air conditioners do not have. Therefore, if you enjoy flexibility and a whole lineup of options to toggle your appliance, the Daikin iSmile is a good choice. 


Daikin iSmile air conditioners use the revolutionary R410A refrigerant usually packaged in rose-coloured cylinders. Since this refrigerant belongs to a group of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), it does not have any ozone-depleting qualities unlike conventional refrigerants. 

Therefore, it is a comparatively environmentally-friendly option for use in both residential and commercial air conditioners. This is a reliable refrigerant that does not face these issues experienced in other refrigerants: volatile operation, shoddy cooling, parts failure and high electrical consumption. 

On the other hand, Daikin EZi air conditioners utilise the R32 refrigerant, also known as difluoromethane and also classified under HFCs. It has a lower Global Warming Potential at 675 vs the former’s 2088 and is poised to replace R410A refrigerants in the future. 

As compared to R410A, it also uses a staggering 78% less refrigerant. 


When it comes to design, it is exceedingly important for air conditioners to meet users’ needs, especially in a country where public housing is comparatively small in size. 

In this aspect, both the Daikin iSmile and EZi series are built in a compact manner for easy installation above the door at home to solve space restrictions and fit in with interior layouts.

The outdoor unit also accommodates the fit through a narrow window or limited spatial areas with the lowest height, making it perfect for HDB units. 

Smart Features 

Daikin’s air conditioners come with a range of smart capabilities. Daikin iSmile systems are equipped with built-in smart control, wireless lan adaptor and D’Smart Home technology to seamlessly integrate and toggle your electrical devices. 

Similarly, Daikin EZi air conditioners are also packed with Daikin built-in smart control as an optional function. 

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