How to Determine if Your Existing Air Conditioner Pipes Can Be Reused

How to Determine if Your Existing Air Conditioner Pipes Can Be Reused

That unassuming air conditioner pipe that you don’t usually notice plays an integral role in your unit’s daily functioning. 

However, like many other components, these pipes are susceptible to wear and tear over prolonged use. Dirt and debris may accumulate. 

Today, thanks to the rise of technologies, you don’t necessarily have to dispose of your old pipes when you get rid of your old air conditioner and replace it with a new model. 

While it has become possible to reuse your existing pipes and save money from changing it to new ones, there are some instances where you have to replace them. 

Here are some such situations:

When Your Piping Leaks Gas

If you realise that your air conditioner pipes are leaking gas, they are not likely to be reusable because of damage. Gas leaks are a main reason why your air conditioner is not functioning as efficiently as it should be. 

If you continue using it, chances are that cooling will be inefficient and you may rack up hefty electricity bills because of wastage and excessive use. To determine the extent of the damage, contact your air conditioning technician to assess the problem.

The technician may use a pressure test to ascertain if the gas leak is caused by the piping or condensing unit. 

Lack of Supporting Technologies

There are various air conditioner models available in Singapore, like a Mitsubishi Heavy aircon and a Daikin iSmile aircon. Only a select few brands and models offer the technology to clean and reuse old pipes. 

To find out whether your new air conditioner supports this, you can check its features. 

Condensation Problems 

Do you see droplets of water dripping from your air conditioner? This can signal condensation issues with your piping. This is a common issue due to moisture commonly overpowering the insulation that protects the copper coil. 

It may be caused by a few reasons, including improper fitting of the air conditioner trunk joints, resulting in condensation that leads to water leaking out. Inspect to see whether there are water marks or black moist marks on your ceiling. 

Unsuitable Lengths and Sizes

Pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you can reuse your old pipes also highly depends on the compatibility of the pipe size. Pipes that are too large or long are not likely to be reusable. 

Long pipes also cause cleaning difficulties or are more prone to damage, as well as wear and tear as compared to smaller pipes. 

Old Materials 

Do you know what materials your old pipes are made from? If they are forged from newer and improved materials, they are less likely to encounter condensation troubles. You can also gauge if it has substantial wear and tear or not by recounting the number of years you have bought it for. 

If, say, you have had it for over 10 years with regular usage, it makes more sense to replace it. 

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