How to Cool Your Two-Storey Home (Part 2)

How to Cool Your Two-Storey Home (Part 2)

Do you stay in a two-storey home that always feels like only the bottom level is cool when you turn on your air conditioner? What’s worse is that the days are hot and if you’re studying, working or sleeping on the hot second floor, it can quickly feel like torture. 

An air conditioner is powerful, but when you throw in other factors into the mix, it may not deliver the cooling you need. It’s also slightly tricker to cool multi-storey homes instead of a home with a single floor. 

In the second part of this series, we discuss more reasons for a warm second storey and what you can do to improve it and feel more comfortable at home. 

Outdated Air-Conditioning System 

Remember that air conditioners have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. 

Have you considered the age of your air-conditioning system? If it’s been a decade, it’s possible that the system has reached the end of its lifespan. When this happens, it becomes inefficient at cooling and may lead to higher utility bills. You may also experience issues like an aircon water leak. 

Replace your old system with a new one that comes with many modern functions. You can also assess your air-conditioning needs to make sure that you’re getting one that has the ability to deliver the cooling capacity that your home requires. Getting the size right is an important factor that determines whether your home can be properly cooled. 

Insufficient or Damaged Ducts

Do you have a central or ducted air-conditioning system that’s old? Run a check; you might have old and inefficient ducts. These ducts may also have leaks or they could even have been wrongly installed at the beginning. It’s also possible that you have too few ducts that reach the second floor. 

You can either replace the ducts or change your entire air-conditioning system to a ductless option that’s modern and fuss-free. A ductless air-conditioning system also allows you to cool each individual room properly. 

Only One Air-conditioning System 

If you didn’t change your air-conditioning to a modern one, or if you just moved into an older two-storey home without renovating it, it’s likely to be operating on a single air-conditioning system. This system relies on just one thermostat, which only detects the temperature for one area of your home. 

This means that it’s possible to leave warm spots in other parts of your home, especially if your thermostat is located on the first floor. Naturally, you can expect the temperature upstairs to be hotter as compared to downstairs. 

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