How to Choose a Trusted Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore

How to Choose a Trusted Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore

Aircon servicing is an integral part of maintaining your air conditioner, whether at home or for a commercial aircon.  

A simple Google search shows you a slew of aircon servicing companies, but the big question is: which one can you really trust? Which company provides the best aircon service?

There is no perfect answer to this, especially if you have not engaged any particular aircon servicing company before. However, there are some ways you can identify a potential reliable and trustworthy aircon servicing company

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  • Reviews and Testimonials

If you only listen to word-of-mouth recommendations from family or friends, it may be better to get a comparatively more objective view via online reviews.

This is part of doing your due diligence before selecting an aircon servicing expert. Google reviews are a good way to start, and the more reviews there are, the more popular a company is likely to be. 

A higher number of reviews also offers more opinions. Some reviewers will include reasons why they like or do not like the service rendered. You can be your own judge and determine which aircon servicing company is more reliable. 

Occasionally, you can also find reviews on a company’s Facebook page or their own website. You can even review their years of experience and the type of customers they have. These contribute to your decision-making process.

  • Check Their Offerings

If you’ve narrowed down your options and are eyeing some aircon servicing providers, take a closer look at what they offer.

Do they have packages? How are their services priced and how is their after-sales service like? It may be ideal to choose a company that has end-to-end services, which means that they do everything, from aircon cleaning to aircon repair and more. 

This saves you the hassle of flitting from one company to the next for various services. You may also be offered some discounts or bundle deals for being a loyal customer that can help you save costs. Getting the same company to do different services can also pan out long-term since the company understands your aircon’s temperament. 

  • Service Standards 

While companies can paint a pretty picture from the first meeting or call, being extremely on-the-ball or courteous and friendly, it might change once you make payment. 

This is why it’s important to take a good look at the quality of their service. Do they try to throw in massive discounts or act pushy and squeeze in as many services as possible - even those you don’t actually need? 

Don’t let your judgement be clouded by excessive discounts, because quality usually comes at a price worth paying. 

  • Qualifications 

Before you make any payment, check whether the aircon servicing staff are qualified professionals. Do they have the necessary skills or certificates needed, since this is a technical job? 

A qualified expert ensures that your air conditioner is well taken care of, and problems are minimised. The staff should also preferably be armed with years of experience and gone through proper training, be it for the services or safety. 

  • Timeliness 

Air conditioners don’t choose when they want to break down; they can do it in the middle of the night, or 5 minutes before you’re having important guests over on a hot sunny day. 

Therefore, it’s important that your aircon servicing expert (who also offers aircon repairs) can rush over immediately to handle emergency situations. 

Make sure that they’re well equipped for such last-minute situations so that you always have someone to turn to, no matter the urgency. 

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