How Condensation in Your Air Conditioner Trunking Happens and How to Avoid it

How Condensation in Your Air Conditioner Trunking Happens and How to Avoid it

Notice your aircon dripping with water? 

It’s normal to feel frustrated because of this, but the more important issue at hand is knowing how to deal with this common situation.

One main reason why your aircon may be leaking water is because of condensation collecting in your aircon trunking. It isn’t a serious issue, but if left unresolved, it can worsen and the damage may become irreversible.

In this article, we check out how this phenomenon happens and how you can stop it from happening! 

What Is Aircon Trunking? 

We’re sure that you’ve seen your aircon trunking before - it’s the big casing that’s responsible for concealing your aircon’s electrical cables, copper conduits, pipes, and other components. 

One reason for hiding these parts is to preserve the aesthetics of your home. After all, who enjoys staring into a maze of cables and wires every day? It doesn’t look good, whether it’s at home or in a commercial place like a mall. 

The trunking is also used as an extra layer that protects your aircon from the outside environment. Ultimately, this goes a long way in enhancing your aircon’s lifespan so that you don’t need to keep looking for an aircon servicing or repair service in Singapore. 

When the lifespan is extended, you also need not pore through catalogues to look for aircon sales to replace your unit. 

What Causes Condensation in Aircon Trunking or Leaking? 

When condensation occurs, you might notice noisy dripping or leaking from your unit. The problem isn’t just the incessant plop, plop that disturbs you from day to night. 

Here are some main reasons for condensation to take place:

  1. Poorly or Incorrectly Installed Trunking 

Sometimes, we’re tempted to save ourselves some money by getting a less reputable aircon servicing contractor in Singapore to install our trunking. 

This may lead to poorly or wrongly installed trunking that can lead to a host of problems. If the trunk joints are fitted incorrectly, water that comes from the accumulation of moisture in the aircon trunking may start leaking.

Check the sealing work done on the trunking as well. Any opening has to be sealed properly using silicone or other similar materials. This prevents external air from entering the trunking. 

How to fix this: You can resolve this situation by engaging a professional aircon servicing man in Singapore to re-install the trunking. 

If you’re still considering your options for your new aircon unit, remember to opt for a reliable and trustworthy technician to install your trunking correctly for you.

  1. Poor Insulation 

Again, if you want to save money on the installation fees by getting a low-cost aircon sales package with unbelievably low installation fees, it risks problems happening.

A professional aircon servicing expert will usually advise you on the suitable trunking thickness required for the location where you’re going to install the aircon.

The aircon servicing professional in Singapore will also use high-quality materials to prevent condensation from happening inside the trunking.

If the thickness is insufficient, condensation is likely to take place. 

How to fix this: Similar to the first point, you should only hire a reliable technician to get your aircon trunking fitted. 

  1. Trap Floor Blockage 

Your aircon unit has a trap floor that might be blocked. This can result in moisture collection over time. The trap floor is required to drain the water from the accumulation. 

Conversely, when it’s clogged, it does the opposite, the build up increases. As the water leakage speeds up, it reduces the lifespan of your aircon. 

Eventually, you may need to call in your aircon servicing expert to fix it, or you may even need to check out aircon sales available to change to a new unit. 

Since there is trunking, it makes it harder for you to get rid of the blockage yourself. 

How to fix this: Given that it’s difficult for you to fix the problem yourself, it makes more sense to get a professional aircon technician to do it for you. 

How Do I Stop Condensation on My Aircon Trunking? 

There are a few ways to prevent condensation from building up in your aircon trunking.

With reference to the 3 points above, we can conclude these tips: 

  1. Check your aircon’s drip pipes in case the aircon servicing technician forgot to install the pipes properly. If you know that you’ve installed a low-cost unit, consider switching it out with a more reputable brand’s unit instead. 

Remember to check whether there’s any warranty provided so that you can get a technician from the company to re-install the trunking for you if it was done wrongly the first time at no cost.

  1. Install the right aircon by checking for the appropriate thickness of the trunking required. If you’re not sure, get a professional to assess it and provide the correct advice. 

Should I Get an Aircon Trunking Replacement? 

Undecided on whether you should replace your aircon trunking?

This decision depends on several factors, which include:

  • The severity of the damage, if any

  • The size and suitability of the trunking 

If you’re wondering where you can get a replacement, you can contact our team at 81Aircon for a consultation! Our aircon servicing experts in Singapore will provide you with the necessary information and guidance you’ll need.


Condensation pooling in your aircon trunking is a common issue that happens more frequently than you think. 

If you notice water seeping from your aircon, don’t panic. Call your trusted aircon servicing professional to get expert advice on the best method you should take to resolve the situation.

Avoid trying to fix the issue yourself because it can further complicate or worsen the situation at hand.

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