How Children Benefit From Air Conditioners

How Children Benefit From Air Conditioners

Many of us cannot imagine a world where we live without the cooling bliss of air conditioners. 

Whether rain or shine, we like to switch on our modern air conditioners to provide us with that comfort and relaxation. Air conditioners can be easily found in homes, offices, and commercial spaces like malls and shops. 

Now, we know that these electrical appliances can be incredibly beneficial for us adults, but what about children? 

Does it affect children the same way it does for adults, and how can children enjoy the same advantages? Will it pose a problem for them to use?

Let’s find out!

Is Air Conditioning Good for Children? 

The general answer is yes, but it also depends on how you use your air conditioner. 

An air conditioner is a useful appliance that offers plenty of benefits for both children and adults alike. However, you need to call your aircon contractor in Singapore to perform routine servicing and maintenance.

An aircon contractor can help to identify problems with your unit, like washing a filthy air filter so that the trapped dirt particles do not get released into the air and inhaled by your children. 

As compared to excessive heat and humidity, cool air is much safer!

What are the Positive Effects of Air Conditioning for Children? 

  1. More Comfortable Sleep 

Parents are the same - we want our kids to sleep well at night. For example, sleeping through the night is possibly the best outcome we want to achieve, so many of us try to use sleep training. 

One thing that may affect their sleep is night sweating. This phenomenon is common in children, no matter their age, but they are especially prevalent in young babies and toddlers. You can spot the signs: 

  • Sweating, whether in one area or throughout the body

  • A reddened complexion on the face or body 

  • Clammy and moist skin

  • Disturbed sleep at night, leading to grumpiness or exhaustion in the morning the next day

It may happen for a couple of reasons, but putting them to sleep in a room that’s too hot is one. Babies and young children also sweat less often and easily than adults, which means that they tend to overheat and get dehydrated faster. 

The aircon can help children get more comfortable sleep with the cool air that circulates around the room. 

  1. Better Health 

Newer air conditioners like LG Artcool and Daikin iSmile Eco are fitted with exemplary features like the PM2.5 filter that filters out tiny particles.

These harmful particles are small enough to be breathed into your child’s delicate lungs, which affects vulnerable groups of people like kids and pregnant women. 

With this filter, as well as those of other leading brands’, they work to ensure the optimal health of your child who only breathes in clean and healthy air. 

Some air conditioners also come with ionisers, like LG Artcool’s Plasmaster Ionizer. This ioniser is capable of getting rid of bacteria and other harmful contaminants in the air. When you buy your air conditioner, remember to look out for these useful features! 

You can even seek your aircon contractor’s help for a professional opinion before you make your decision.

  1. Reduced Chances of Dermatological Conditions 

As a parent, I know this too well - the moment my children sleep without the aircon, they tend to break out in rashes. Toddlers and young children usually have more sweat glands as compared to adults because they’re smaller in size. 

Certain dermatological conditions may worsen if the surrounding conditions are too hot as well. 

For example, heat can trigger and worsen eczema. Since it can also prompt sweating, this can invite bacteria and other undesirable chemicals onto your skin. 

Can Babies Sleep With Aircon? 

Yes, babies can sleep with the aircon on safely, so go get your aircon contractor to install a new one for you now. 

Ventilating your baby’s room properly can even help to prevent the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a recurring problem that many parents are wary of. 

Hot and humid temperatures are not ideal for young babies who need well-ventilated and cool environments to sleep safely and comfortably in. 

However, you need to make sure that you take note of these tips:

  • Maintain an ideal room temperature of around 26 degrees celsius because babies are extremely sensitive to slight temperature differences 

  • Shift your baby away from the air conditioner’s direct flow of air or dress them warmly 


Air conditioners are perfectly safe for babies and young children if they are used correctly. 

Many brands continue improving their offerings, and today, you can easily find an aircon that comes with a multitude of cool and healthy features for you and your children.

Go ahead and ask your aircon contractor in Singapore to get your aircon up and running! Remember to take steps to ensure that your aircon is kept clean and dirt-free for your child’s health and safety.

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