How Air Conditioners Help Against Deadly Heat Stroke

How Air Conditioners Help Against Deadly Heat Stroke

While we don’t experience burning temperatures like some countries, heat stroke is still a real problem. 

Heat stroke happens when your core temperature increases to a point where it’s dangerously high due to the surrounding environment and humidity. Extremely hot external temperatures inhibit the body from cooling itself via regular methods of breathing and sweating.

During the onset of heat stroke, your heart experiences rapid beating, your lungs pump faster, you feel like the world is spinning and like vomiting that lunch you had earlier. You may also enter a state of confusion and eventually lose consciousness. 

A Life-threatening Condition 

Heat stroke is fatal when no medical intervention is present. 

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to heat stroke because of a reduced ability to cool. Some medication that the elderly take may also impede this function. 

There are also other factors that raise the risk for heat stroke like obesity, heart disease and diabetes, giving rise to potential complications. 

Ways to Prevent a Heat Stroke 

Heat stroke is preventable. Some key things to look out for are staying hydrated, taking sufficient rest and seeking refuge in a cool environment. For example, you can wear light clothing if you know that there’s a heat wave. 

You can also take a refreshing cold shower or avoid exercising during the hottest time of the day. While fans also help, they’re not as effective as air conditioners. 

How an Air Conditioner Can Help Prevent Heat Stroke 

Powerful Cooling 

Compared to other methods of cooling, an air conditioner is the most powerful appliance you can find. You can toggle the temperature and use the different modes and functions to achieve the cooling comfort you need to combat a heat wave.

In particular, a smart air conditioner can assist you in creating the ideal cooling you want. Rarely will you experience problems like your aircon not cold enough that requires you to call in an aircon contractor. 

Today’s air conditioners are also sturdy and reliable, enough to last you a decade of use at least. 

Reduce Humidity 

Unlike fans, air conditioners are able to lower and maintain humidity levels. A heat stroke occurs partly because of high humidity, so this feature will help you stay cool. Whether in high or low amounts, humidity is not something you want to have when it’s hot. 

It’s ideal to attain a humidity level that is just nice - but this may not be easy if you leave it to its own devices. This is why you need appliances like a humidifier or air conditioner to regulate the humidity and influence the temperature. 

Source of Ventilation

Ventilation is extremely important to keep cool, and using an air conditioner can be an effective solution to do this. You need not try to open your windows and doors or even install an exhaust fan if you have a good air conditioner to rely on. 

Air conditioners can be life-saving, especially in hot countries. As its popularity grows, it’s imperative to choose one that suits you the best!

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