Fans vs Air Conditioners: Which is Best? (Part 1)

Fans vs Air Conditioners: Which is Best? (Part 1)

Fans vs Air Conditioners, Which is Better - Aircon Servicing Company Singapore

When we talk about cooling appliances, the two most common options are fans and
air conditioners. They have obtained immense popularity among consumers as effective and reliable ways for cooling. 

When faced with a choice, which of these two would you choose? Is it the humble fan that has come a long way, or the powerful air conditioner that has exploded in popularity, features and energy efficiency? 

Let’s talk about fans in particular in this article to help you reach a decision, before we move on to the next article on air conditioners. 

Benefits of Using Fans 


Without a doubt, fans are much more affordable with air conditioners to use. It’s not just the upfront purchase and installation costs, but also the operating costs over its entire lifespan. It’s not costly to purchase nor replace, which makes it a good choice for those on a budget. 

Standing fans are also highly portable, which means that if you stay in a rented home, you can bring it along with you and save money instead of always buying a new one. 

Easy to Use and Clean 

If you aren’t exactly a fan of difficult systems that are hard to remove and clean, then the fan is a good choice for you. Unlike an air conditioner, it’s extremely easy to take apart and use. You don’t need to hire an expert to help you take it apart when it’s faulty either. 

Neither is regular maintenance and cleaning necessary, since it doesn’t contain air filters nor require refrigerants to be topped up. You won’t face problems like an aircon water leak either.

Environmentally Friendly 

Compared to air conditioners, fans use less energy. This makes it environmentally friendly. In addition, a fan doesn’t use harmful refrigerant that can damage our ozone layer and contribute to global warming. When you dispose of the fan, it’s not as dangerous as that of an air conditioner since it doesn’t have refrigerant. 

Drawbacks of Using Fans 

Little Cooling 

Fans are a great and affordable solution, but the fact is that it pales in comparison when it comes to cooling capacity. Air conditioners are much more powerful and offer much greater cooling in this aspect. In addition, air conditioners are also capable of cooling a large area, while fans can only cool a small area. 

Lack of Features

Unlike smart air conditioners, a fan is a fairly simple appliance. The most it has are features like a timer, speed level, oscillation and more. It won’t allow you to control it from your phone, use voice control, turn on the dry mode, cool mode, or have the other stunning features that an air conditioner has. 

Air conditioners also come with other abilities, like powerful air filters and a low noise level. Fans can be noisy and they don’t filter the air. 

Only Suitable for Moderately Warm Spaces

If the sun is glaring and your room is feeling like a sauna while the sunlight hits it mercilessly, a fan is not an option you should consider. It doesn’t remove humidity and it’s not appropriate for extremely warm rooms either. 


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