Debunking the Difference Between a Chemical Overhaul and Chemical Wash

Debunking the Difference Between a Chemical Overhaul and Chemical Wash

Aircon servicing isn’t just giving it a simple wash or inspection - if necessary, a thorough chemical overhaul or chemical wash may be needed.

Both of these services fall under aircon cleaning, and you can engage an aircon servicing company to carry them out for you. Although they are similar in nature, there are certain differences that we will distinguish in this article to get you familiarised and understand what you’re dealing with. 

Chemical Wash

Have you skipped regular cleaning for your air conditioner, or has it been on standby for a long time? If this is so, regular aircon servicing may be insufficient to clean dirt, dust and other particles effectively.

This is because over time, these substances, as well as other chemicals, may have hardened and simply cannot be removed by using soap and water. 

A special cleaning chemical may be required to replace the usual soap and water mixture. A chemical solvent is mixed together to get rid of hardened dust and dirt. During the process, a professional technician takes apart your air conditioner to clean the coils, air filters and drainage pans. 

The chemical solution cleans these parts effectively, ridding them of mold, bacteria and prevents their growth. After the procedure, you get a clean air conditioner that releases cold air efficiently. 

Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul is more in-depth than a chemical wash. Apart from cleaning the coils, air filters and drainage pans, the technician will also cleanse the drainage pipes, blower wheels and heat exchange coils. 

Together with cleaning, the expert will also inspect your unit for any irregularities and fix it at the same time. Checks will be carried out after the components are washed, including a pressure test and the unit’s controls. 

A chemical overhaul restores functionality to your air conditioner and helps to boost its performance. The air conditioner will be thoroughly dismantled carefully before it is cleaned part by part. 

If your air conditioner is experiencing any water leak, a chemical overhaul will also involve chemical cleaning on the drainage system to stop this leak. 

Choosing Between a Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul 

Over the lifespan of your air conditioner, it is likely that you will need both services from time to time. When you integrate them into your regular air conditioner maintenance procedure, you ensure that your unit is working optimally and makes sure that it functions for a long time. 

Cleaning your unit also removes the potential growth of mold which can have adverse reactions on your health. We recommend that you do a chemical overhaul once a year, and a chemical wash occasionally, or as needed.

Remember that taking good care of your air conditioner helps to prolong its life and rewards you with clean and fresh air, and reduces any unnecessary utility expense incurred from a poorly performing appliance. 

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