Common Reasons Why your Aircon Light is Blinking

Common Reasons Why your Aircon Light is Blinking

Common Reasons Why your Aircon Light is Blinking


A common complaint among homeowners is the blinking of their air conditioner lights. The aircon blinking light may represent a symptom of air conditioner repair since it is likely to indicate that an internal problem has occurred. An air conditioner is almost a necessity for homes located in humid or high-temperature areas. In this regard, a blinking or malfunctioning air conditioner light can be quite a nightmare, since most likely it will also shut off after a while. To prolong the life of your unit and avoid overworking it, it is critical to keep it properly maintained, cleaned, and serviced. Keeping your AC units pushed will result in more energy being consumed, resulting in higher power bills. 


Causes of Blinking air conditioner light


Electrical problem in the aircon unit

Electrical problems with the power source are one of the most common reasons for aircon blinking lights. It may be that the PCB or electrical wiring has some problems due to irregular power drawing or loading.


Your AC needs maintenance

A malfunctioning AC unit may be caused by a lack of maintenance. It's wise to have your air conditioner checked regularly, especially if it's older or has been working hard. Keeping your air conditioning system clean and in pristine working order is possible by maintaining it regularly.


Leaking in AC unit

An older air conditioner with a refrigerant leak is most likely to have a lack of cold air along with an aircon light. Any air conditioner unit requires this gas to function properly. A leak in the refrigerant lines could be causing a lack of cold air in the room if your air conditioning system isn't blowing cold air into the room.


Poor Installation of AC unit

The Aircon Blinking Light is a sign of the installation being unsuccessful if your air conditioning was installed by untrained technicians who do not possess the necessary training for installing your air conditioner.


Blocked Drain Pipe

Another common cause of an aircon blinking light is a blocked drain pipe. Water may leak out of your air conditioning unit if your drainpipe is blocked, preventing condensation from draining properly. Evaporator coils can also freeze if there is a problem with the ducts.


Filter Issue

Aircon Blinking lights can also signal clogged or incorrectly fitted filters. Filters are used to ensure only fresh air enters a room when fitted to an indoor air conditioning unit. Dirt and debris collect over time on the air conditioning filters, eventually causing them to become dirty. Cleaning the filters is all that needs to be done in such situations.

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