An Insight into the Features of Daikin’s D’SmartHome Technology

An Insight into the Features of Daikin’s D’SmartHome Technology

Daikin has capitalised on smart features beyond conventional air-conditioning systems. Its revolutionary D’SmartHome app offers you a world of flexibility at your fingertips. 

You can personalise your Daikin home appliances, including your Daikin iSmile air conditioner, a Daikin 5 ticks series that comes with this function. For example, it is possible to control and monitor your Daikin air conditioner, and adjust its settings. 

From a single app, you can get a comprehensive view of all your Daikin smart devices and sync your devices together. Here are some of its features under the air-conditioning category! 

Smart Air Conditioner

Intelligent Diagnosis

Daikin’s smart air conditioner comes equipped with a smart diagnosis function that offers the performance data of an air-conditioning system. Should the system be defective, you will receive an alert notification on your smart device with an error code. 

This is a handy tool that can shed light on an issue the system may be experiencing, and help you to resolve it better. It will also aid the expert in diagnosing and fixing the problem. 

Smart Remote Controller

Always losing your physical air conditioner remote controller? Daikin’s smart remote controller replaces the traditional remote controller to allow you to control your appliance while on the go. 

This makes it very convenient to adjust your appliance settings wherever you are, whenever you want. You need not be physically close to your air conditioner so that the remote controller’s sensor can detect it. 

Whether you are at work or outside, you can cool it in advance before reaching home so you are greeted with a cool haven to rest and relax. If the weather suddenly turns hotter or cooler, you can also adjust the settings accordingly. 

Smart Monitoring

You no longer need to berate yourself for being forgetful and forgetting to turn off your air conditioner before heading out with D’SmartHome’s smart monitoring ability. 

Gain peace of mind wherever you are, knowing that you can control your air conditioner’s settings remotely. It also minimises unnecessary operation time and electrical wastage, helping to keep your utility costs in check. 

Home Energy Management System 

How much electricity are you using on a daily basis, be it for your air conditioner or other electrical appliances? Keep track of your usage by monitoring it effectively with Daikin’s home energy management system.

It enables you to take charge of energy consumption by monitoring, controlling and examining your energy consumption on your smartphone. In turn, this helps you to track your electricity costs. If your costs are higher than usual on a particular month, this system allows you to find out the reason why. 

Voice Assistant 

Like Google Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Daikin’s voice assistant recognises your vocal command to manage your home and coordinate your hectic lifestyle. 

Simply speak to activate the different smart devices or scenes easily, handsfree. This way, you can control your air conditioner easily, however you wish. 

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