Aircon Not Cold After Servicing? Here’s Why

Aircon Not Cold After Servicing? Here’s Why

So, you just engaged an aircon servicing company to service your air conditioner. 

However, it barely seems like it’s diffusing cold air into the room. It simply doesn’t feel cool even after switching it on at maximum speed for a long time. 

What went wrong? Wasn’t the aircon servicing supposed to make sure that your air conditioner continues running properly?

Sometimes, even air conditioners that are properly managed may not function at their best. This can be a result of certain issues with your air conditioner that are not always related to aircon servicing

Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Low Refrigerant 

A common cause of an air conditioner that is unable to release cool air is a refrigerant shortage. The refrigerant is an important part of an air conditioner and travels from various sections, like the compressor to the condenser and more. 

A refrigerant shortage can cause ice to form and build up in the evaporator. It leads to an influx of hot air that is not managed, and ice to appear. 

Regular maintenance can allow this issue to be detected if the technician checks the refrigerant level and proceeds to top up the gas level whenever needed.

  • Mechanical Issues 

In Singapore, the hot weather motivates people to turn on their air conditioners throughout the day. 

This causes overwork for your air conditioner and pressures the mechanical equipment inside. Sometimes, it can result in a damaged compressor.

The compressor is the core of an air conditioner that moves the refrigerant around every component situated in the refrigerant system. It compresses the refrigerant before converting it into internal energy that raises the temperature and pressure. 

If it is too badly damaged, you may need to engage an aircon repair service to replace the compressor. 

  • Broken Condenser

Your aircon condenser is responsible for converting the refrigerant back into a high pressure liquid form. 

If the system becomes dirty or inefficient, it can occasionally freeze. If the problem is not detected and remains unresolved, it can even cause your condenser to break down. 

A damaged aircon condenser requires aircon repair before it can be used again. In certain situations, you may be advised to buy a new aircon instead.

  • Incorrect Installation

Did your aircon contractor send someone who isn’t qualified to install your air conditioner in the first place? 

Your technician may lack the appropriate skills or experience to install your air conditioner, and this may have caused incorrect installation. For example, if the wiring was done wrongly, it may result in potential problems like fire or electrical hazards. 

Therefore, you should conduct the necessary research to get a qualified aircon expert. 

  • Frozen Condenser

The condenser coil situated outside the house is in charge of removing heat from inside the house and discharging it outside. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt or debris, causing freezing to the coils and failure to work. 

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