Aircon Jelly and How to Prevent It

Aircon Jelly and How to Prevent It

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The age-old problem of failing to service and maintain your aircon remains prevalent even today. Many people choose to delay or completely forgo it to save maintenance fees.

This is a choice that you are likely to regret later on. When you fail to service and maintain your aircon on a regular basis, many problems can happen. 

Servicing doesn’t just involve cleaning - it also includes performing necessary actions like topping up the aircon gas. A simple action like a gas top up is often overlooked if you fail to service it. 

They may not do so immediately, but over time, these problems will start happening. 

They include: 

  • Leaking aircon 

  • Health problems 

  • Noisy aircon 

  • Component malfunctioning

  • Lack of cooling 

In this article, we take a look at less widely known issues, like aircon jelly. 

What Is Aircon Jelly?

As tasty as it sounds, air conditioner jelly isn’t exactly the same jelly you’re used to eating. 

This is the term for that gelatinous, sticky substance that forms in certain parts of your air-conditioning system.

Some examples are:

  • Drain line

  • Evaporator pan

  • Condensate pump

This happens when you fail to service your aircon on a daily basis, and it causes the pipe to get clogged while water leaks at the end of the condensation pipe. 

When water builds up and stagnates inside the pipe, it forms this jelly-like layer on the inner part of the pipe. This layer actually conceals a barrage of bacteria underneath it that loves to take in dust as its food.

When this bacteria is present in your condensate drain pan, it may mean that your aircon unit is too big than it should be. This results in short operating cycles that offer a warm and moist environment that the bacteria thrive in. 

How Aircon Jelly Affects Your Aircon 

If you leave this jelly problem unresolved, it can lead to plenty of other issues.

They include:

  • Home leaks that may cause damage to your property 

  • Accumulating till it blocks the condensate lines completely and make the evaporator pan overflow

  • Collecting and stopping the flow of condensation lines

  • Producing mould growth and other problems associated with that in your insulation and ductwork

How Aircon Jelly Affects You 

Apart from negatively affecting your air conditioner, the aircon jelly also affects your health. This is because it can affect the indoor air quality.

However, removing it may not be a simple case of spraying it with a cleaning agent and wiping it off. In most cases, you need an aircon professional to help you get rid of the slime.

Engage a reliable aircon technician who will perform these necessary steps:

  • Changing out the air filter that may be housing the bacteria. If this is not done, the slime may occur again after some time

  • Wiping the coil clean the same way you do with your air filter so that the slime doesn’t return again

  • Using specially formulated cleaning tablets that are capable of killing bacteria that has become wet. Remember to place them in a safe spot that will not obstruct airflow or the aircon functioning 

  • Make sure you schedule follow-up cleaning on a semi-annual basis. During the hotter summer months from May to August, this should be more frequent because of the extreme humidity and potential added dust accumulation 

How Do You Stop Aircon Jelly?

The most common reason for aircon jelly to occur is a lack of routine cleaning.

Therefore, in order to stop aircon jelly, you need to make sure that you engage a professional aircon servicing technician to clean the aircon for you on a regular basis. 

This will eliminate any brewing signs of aircon jelly before it happens, and even if it does, you can rest assured that it will be cleaned immediately. 

How Do You Get Rid of Aircon Jelly?

We don’t advise you undertaking any DIY activities yourself when it comes to your aircon.

However, you can still read up on the possible methods to fix aircon jelly if the situation is out of hand and you cannot wait for a professional to come on time. 

One way to get this goo out of your aircon is to spray it generously with an aerosol evaporator coil cleaner. Once you’re done, spray around the pan and inside it. 

Next, take a clean cloth and wipe the evaporator as well as the drip pan using a non-abrasive sponge. Try to wipe away as much as possible before you re-insert the drip pan back again.


A lack of regular servicing is the start to a host of problems. Failing to do so even on a regular basis may be the key that opens the floodgates of potential aircon problems.

At 81Aircon, our experts are knowledgeable in the different aircon issues, and we provide guidance and advise on how to best tackle them. 

No matter what, we strongly advise that you perform routine servicing and maintenance even if you do not spot any visible or audible problems. Many aircon faults are not easily seen from the outside, and it takes a professional aircon expert to take it apart and look at it in depth for you.

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