Air Conditioners Suitable for Office Use

Air Conditioners Suitable for Office Use

One thing we’re usually thankful about is the air conditioning available at work. With the unrelenting heat outside, air conditioners have become more of a necessity than luxury. 


An effective cooling system at work can facilitate better employee satisfaction and productivity, so its importance should not be undermined. 

From commercial properties like retail shops, offices, cafes and more, you can find air conditioners of various types and sizes. 

Here are some kinds of air conditioners suitable for office use: 

  • Split System 

One of the most common and affordable options in the market, a split system air conditioner is perfect for small spaces and individual office rooms. It is commonly found in cosy cafes, small shops and offices with limited space. 


This variation gives you bang for your buck by saving electricity costs from reduced consumption. It is also reliable because even if one unit breaks down, it will not affect the rest. However, you need to ensure that there is enough space to place the outdoor units since each indoor air conditioner needs a separate outdoor unit. 


Some recommended brands include a Toshiba 5 ticks and Panasonic 5 ticks air conditioner. You can also buy LG aircon models or buy Midea aircon models. 


  • Multi-Split System

A single outdoor unit can connect up to 9 indoor units, saving space if your office is small. You need not be limited to a particular type of indoor unit either - you can choose from a variety of units. 


This gives you versatility to choose because each kind of air conditioner may be better suited for various purposes. Buying a Panasonic aircon multi split system is an example of what you can choose. However, this type of system is comparatively more expensive and complicated at installation than a single split air conditioning system. 


Should the outdoor unit break down, it will also affect all the indoor units. 


  • Cassette Air Conditioning System 


Take a look at the ceilings above office spaces. Do you spot an appliance with plenty of air vents sitting overhead?


It is likely a cassette air conditioner which is often mounted on a false ceiling. Since cold air descends and hot air rises, cassette systems can distribute cool air effectively. It also has powerful fans that make sure air is circulated in big spaces. 


Since they are usually mounted on false ceilings, they also save space. Its condenser is also usually located outside the building, making way for noiseless operation and being great for offices. 

Another plus is that cassette air conditioners are very energy efficient. 


  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)/Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems (VRV)

VRF and VRV systems are compatible with medium and large office settings, from offices to malls and hotels. They are reliable and efficient options with powerful cooling and heating abilities.

Additionally, they are also easily controlled. 


The two main features of these systems include the heat recovery and heat pump. The heat recovery function allows the system to recover heat from the building to be channelled into providing heat to individual office rooms. 

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