6 Types of Aircon Condenser Problems

6 Types of Aircon Condenser Problems

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes, brands and models. Daikin iSmile, Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks models, Mitsubishi Heavy aircon series - they all require a condenser to run. Many types of air conditioner issues are associated with the condenser. A condenser is the outdoor part of an air conditioner that comprises a compressor, fan and different controls. A condenser fan is an indispensable component that regulates the air across the condenser coil to promote heat transfer. Following this, the compressor compresses the refrigerant and sends it to a coil as hot gas. Refrigerant is cooled at the condenser into a warm liquid and moves along a pipe into the evaporator coil. In the coil, it expands and cools. A faulty condenser can be the start of many air conditioner problems. When this happens, remember to contact an expert immediately to effectively prevent potential issues.

Here are some kinds of aircon condenser problems:

• Defective Valve

An air conditioner valve is the outlet that releases the refrigerant coil. A defective valve is a typical problem faced for certain air conditioner brands. If the air conditioner’s evaporator coil - basically where the refrigerant absorbs heat, can be repaired, this will not be a huge issue. However, if the opposite happens and it is faulty beyond salvation, the whole condenser will need to be replaced.

• Fan Motor Issue

Have you realised that your air conditioner compressor is functioning, but the condenser unit fan is not running? It is likely that the fan motor has malfunctioned. If this problem is a result of the circuit board (PCB), you need to replace both the PCB and the fan motor. If you delay it and avoid replacing the PCB, it may damage any new fan motor you install.

• Power Supply Issues

If you reckon that something is wrong with your air conditioner condenser, it is recommended to check the motor parts inside for any potential power supply problems. Faulty wiring, issues with electrical capacitors and relays may be the root cause. Sometimes, the compressor might be unable to switch on. Occasionally, the fan might stop running. If you suspect any problem, contact your trusted air conditioner servicing or repair expert immediately.

• Dirty Compressor

A dirty compressor is one of the most frequently occurring issues faced by an air conditioner condenser. A dirty condenser coil will cause the compressor to overheat. When overheating occurs, it causes inaccuracy in the gas reading. An air conditioner technician will be unable to identify the exact cause if the gas reading is inaccurate. You can easily resolve this with a chemical wash to remove the dirt.

• Clogged Condenser

As the air conditioner condenser is situated outside the house, it is susceptible to dirt and debris from all sources. It is important to ensure that the outdoor unit is clean and free from rubbish. Conduct regular checks to affirm that nothing is blocking or clogging your condenser so that it runs optimally.

• Frozen Condenser

A frozen condenser can affect the functionality of your condenser unit. It causes improper cooling of your room. Perform regular servicing and maintenance to identify freezing whenever it happens and resolve the situation quickly.

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