6 Types of Air Conditioners You Can Choose From

6 Types of Air Conditioners You Can Choose From

There are various kinds of air conditioners you can find in the market to meet different needs. No matter which type you decide to get, do your thorough research and consider which one fulfils your requirements the most. 

A variety of factors should also influence your purchasing process, including the cooling capacity and your ideal budget. 

Here are the 6 kinds of air conditioners:

  • Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

Differentiated between single and multi-split versions, wall-mounted air conditioners are highly popular. These ductless air conditioners are a great option for small living spaces, especially prevalent in Singapore. They are also contemporary and easy to install. 

Single-split air conditioners include a Daikin single split, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry single-split. The latter also has varying models across brands, like a Panasonic aircon multi split model. Single-split air conditioners are divided into two components, the indoor and outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit contains the compressor and a heat-exchanging coil that is installed outside the home, either on the wall or the floor. It has to be out in the open to operate. 

The indoor unit has a coil that cools down and removes heat from your room. It is wall-mounted to ensure space savings. 

Although the multi-split air conditioner is similar to the single-split, it uses only one condenser to operate the indoor units. It uses energy according to the number of units turned on, as well as their respective temperature settings. 

It reduces the need for an individual outdoor unit for every indoor unit, therefore saving space and cost. You can choose from two to five indoor units to install. 

  • Window Casement Air Conditioners

True to its name, a window casement air conditioner is usually mounted on a window. Since they are usually made for smaller homes, their cooling power is weaker than other air conditioners. 

However, they are compact and highly space-saving, making them an ideal choice for people who stay in smaller units looking to maximise space. It is also one of the simplest and most affordable types of air conditioner.

  • Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is attractive in terms of flexibility and ease of use. You can use its wheels to move the unit anywhere you want in your home. This makes it a handy option for people who move frequently, in rented spaces or in smaller accommodations. 

This type of air conditioner has a large pipe that needs to be secured to a window. Prices can range greatly depending on the model you’re looking for. 

  • Cassette Air Conditioners

A cassette air conditioner is designed to be installed on a false ceiling. In a way, it works similarly to a split air-conditioning system. Since it is thin and flat, it can be used in narrow spaces that cannot fit a wall-mounted unit. 

When installed on a high ceiling, it is a choice option as compared to other air conditioners because of its even distribution, delivering a constant temperature throughout the area. 

  • Floor-Standing Air Conditioners

A floor-standing air conditioner operates similarly to a split air conditioner, except that the indoor unit is located on the floor. 

Such air conditioners are highly-popular in large spaces, as well as public indoor premises like restaurants and places that are enclosed by glass windows. The airflow is excellent as compared to a wall-mounted air conditioner. 

This air conditioner is typically much more costly than others because of its high capacity, but does its job well. 

  • Built-in Air Conditioners

A built-in air conditioner is usually installed within the ceiling and concealed. People who prefer a room’s design and aesthetics may consider this. It is also extremely difficult to install, and therefore might be less commonly found in residential places. 

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