5 Recommended Multi-Split Air Conditioners in Singapore

5 Recommended Multi-Split Air Conditioners in Singapore

While some people prefer single-split air conditioners, multi-split air conditioners also have their proponents. They are especially popular in HDB flats where space is limited. Not only does connecting multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit save space, it also uses less electricity, thereby cutting back on utility costs.

Usually, you can identify whether your home uses a single-split or multi-split air conditioner by looking at the number of copper pipes the compressor is connected to. If there are 4, you most likely have a system 2 air conditioner, system 3 if there are 6. This is because each fan coil unit requires two sets of copper pipes. In this article, we discuss 5 multi-split air conditioner models that we recommend you purchase.

Here they are:

• Midea OS

The attractive catch about the popular Midea OS model is its 6-year warranty on its compressor and parts. Usually, you can expect a 5-year warranty on other air conditioner brands’ compressor and 1 year for the parts. This long warranty period gives you more bang for your buck because it can cover potential repairs associated with specific issues faced. You need not spend more on fixing problems that can sometimes occur even for new air conditioners. Coupled with the fact that Midea’s OS air conditioner is less costly than other renowned brands, you get a truly good deal.

• Panasonic XS

The Panasonic XS series features an impressive lineup of functions. It focuses heavily on delivering quality air, with capabilities like dust removal, deodorising, deactivating bacteria and harmful viruses, as well as using its nanoe Technology to purify even when the unit is switched off.

This Panasonic aircon multi split premium range is equipped with both a leading Inverter technology and its own AEROWINGS, two independent flaps and motors that direct the airflow for effective cooling.

• Daikin iSmile

What stands out with the modern Daikin iSmile series is its novel wifi feature. You can download their exclusive app and use it to adjust multiple settings of your air conditioner. Whether you’re heading out or returning home, you can set the air conditioner to your desired setting wherever you are. This gives you ultimate flexibility and convenience. In addition, you can even troubleshoot your air conditioner and find out an issue with it via a simple SMS. All you need is to send a text message with the corresponding error code which you can find from the remote control to understand what is wrong with your unit.

• Mitsubishi Starmex

Well-known for its stellar energy efficiency, the Mitsubishi Starmex 5 ticks model may be a little costlier at the get-go, but it offers substantial energy savings over the long run. One model feature is its Econo Cool one touch operation that adjusts the direction of airflow depending on the air outlet’s temperature automatically. Hence, the set temperature can be 2-degree celsius above typical temperature settings while retaining comfort and a 20-percent increase in energy efficiency.

• LG Alpha

The innovative LG Alpha boasts exceptional clean air with its Plasmaster Ioniser Plus feature. This creates ion clusters that surround and sterilise harmful substances found in the air. The result is over 99-percent of bacteria being sterilised within an hour. LG understands that the compressor is a key component as the heart of any air conditioner. It uses its Dual Inverter Compressor to solve problems associated with noisy and poor operation. This leads to an air conditioner that cools an area faster, runs quieter and lasts longer.

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