3 Ultimate Ways Your Air Conditioner’s Sleep Mode Benefits You

3 Ultimate Ways Your Air Conditioner’s Sleep Mode Benefits You

Haven’t taken the time to explore the wondrous world of various functions your air conditioner has? Spend a short while getting to know your aircon better so you can reap the most out of its benefits. 

Unlike the vast majority of users who only understand setting the thermostat function, fan strength and vane angle, you can set yourself apart by maximizing its functions. 

This prevents compromising on some fantastic functions that you could have fully used. Today’s modern air conditioners are equipped with some of the most amazing abilities known to man. 

One such feature is the sleep mode, a unique feature that offers a myriad of advantages. Ready to discover more about this cool function and how it can help? 

Let’s go! 

The Function of the Aircon Sleep Mode

Before we find out how the sleep mode can benefit you, we need to understand how it works. 

The sleep mode is a function that can be found in many newer aircon units today, like a Mitsubishi R32 aircon. The R32 refrigerant some newer Mitsubishi air conditioners use is indicative that it is a newer model. 

Unlike what you might assume, this mode doesn’t have to be turned on only at night or when you sleep. 

When turned on, it gradually increases the temperature throughout the night. This temperature increase is usually between 0.5 and 1 degrees per hour, and in some models and makes, it may be limited to 2 to 3 degrees. 

This function is ideal because our bodies naturally need less cooling as we fall into a deep sleep. That’s why you feel colder as you sleep. 

Since it’s impossible for us to change the temperature when we are asleep, this smart feature helps you to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when you don’t maximize your temperature operations. 

Imagine how much energy you’re potentially wasting whenever this function is not enabled. 

The sleep mode is highly effective in saving energy while we remain comfortable and peacefully asleep in slumber. 

How to Operate Sleep Mode 

Now that you know how the sleep mode functions, how do you actually use it on your Mitsubishi R32 aircon?

It’s fairly simple - to turn it on, find the respective button on your remote control or the control panel of the air conditioner. It’s as easy as that! Sometimes, it may be identified as the night mode and not the sleep mode for certain models or brands. 

How to Turn Off Sleep Mode

How can you turn off the sleep mode in the morning, or when you are awake and no longer need its services? 

It’s easy as well - just find the button on your unit’s control panel or remote control and turn it off. 

Is Sleep Mode Bad for My Aircon? 

No, it isn’t. 

As we’ve highlighted earlier, the sleep mode is capable of a number of beneficial things. Turning it on only provides you with these benefits without any side effects. Go ahead and use it whenever you wish! 

The Benefits of Sleep Mode 

Let’s check out the main benefits of sleep mode for you to gain a deeper understanding of this function. 

  1. Sleep Mode Saves Electricity and Costs 

When you avoid unnecessary energy usage, it directly translates to reduced electricity bills. 

Think of it: in Singapore, we tend to use our Mitsubishi R32 aircon units frequently to battle the heat and humidity. When presented with a choice between an aircon and fan, most of us will gravitate towards using the aircon. 

With continuous and frequent use, energy wasted can snowball and lead to massive utility bills at the end of every billing cycle.

  1. Provides You With Comfort Beyond Cooling 

Sure, you can easily program your air conditioner to stop functioning after a preset period of time. However, have you considered the potential noise it will make when the machine grunts to a stop?

The noise itself may wake you up from your deep sleep and disturb you as a result, giving you poor sleep. What about the hot nights that we experience frequently? Will a fan really be sufficient to cool you down throughout the stuffy and humid nights?

If you’re tired of waking early to feeling cold in the mornings, this is the solution for you. Not only will you wake up feeling more refreshed and comfortable, it also helps you to face the day in a better condition.

  1. Suitable for Sensitive Users 

Does the slightest temperature change bother you? If it does, using the sleep mode together with an aircon that has a smart movement sensor can be ideal.

The sensor can detect your movement accurately as well as whether you’re sleeping peacefully or not. It can even monitor your sleep patterns and cycles. It complements the sleep mode to provide the ultimate comfort and energy-efficiency. 

  1. Increases Your Appliance’s Lifespan 

When you buy your Mitsubishi R32 aircon, you want to make sure that it functions till the end of its expected lifespan. Making sure that it uses energy efficiently can help to reduce the chance of wear and tear. 

Without it, your aircon may have to run for hours consistently on the same settings. The sleep mode offers your unit a break by putting less pressure on it to perform. As a result, the system can run efficiently without needing you to call an aircon technician often to perform servicing and repairs. 


The Mitsubishi R32 aircon sleep mode is an incredibly versatile and useful function offered by many modern air conditioners. Using it can give you a multitude of benefits that you should grab hold of!

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