3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Aircon This Chinese New Year

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Aircon This Chinese New Year

  • Are you ready for an auspicious Chinese New Year? 

Apart from giving your home a thorough cleaning this festive season, consider changing old appliances to spanking new ones to symbolise a brand new start. One such appliance you can think about upgrading is your air conditioner; something that you depend on heavily every day.

If you’re on the fence, unable to bite the bullet or not, read on to discover some reasons to do so!

  • Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Cost 

Newer air conditioner models come equipped with exceptional energy efficiency capabilities. Some brands and models you can put on your wishlist include Mitsubishi Heavy aircon, Daikin iSmile aircon, or even an LG 5 ticks aircon. 

These different air-conditioning brands are popular for their inverter and 5 ticks aircon series. Such models use advanced technology to maximise energy usage while ensuring excellent performance. 

Older air conditioners may not be as energy-efficient as these newer models, and even if they are, wear and tear from usage can reduce its operating abilities. 

By buying energy-efficient air conditioners, you can reduce operating costs and save on your utility bills for many years to come - a great start to spring cleaning your finances! 

  • Eliminate Problems Associated with Old Aircons 

Old air conditioners that have been running for many years, or past their recommended lifespan, often have various problems. 

For example, they may start emitting noise, moisture, dripping water, odd smells and more. Breakdowns may also become a constant occurrence. Dangerous problems like electricity-related troubles can also appear. They include short-circuiting, fires and ineffective cooling. 

Your old air conditioner might even emit harmful gases caused by corrosion within the unit. This is particularly detrimental to those with respiratory issues, young children and the elderly, and can pose a health risk to them. 

Rather than forking out endless sums of money to repair your old air conditioner’s issues, it can be less costly and wiser to buy a brand new one instead. Even if you try to fix problems, there is no guarantee that your air conditioner will be fixed nor continue working for long. 

Sometimes, the parts or functions may also be obsolete. Your technician may advise you to upgrade to a new air conditioner. 

  • Better Overall Quality of Living at Home 

Many modern air conditioners have a wide range of stunning features designed to make your life easier, as well as improve your quality of life. 

Take this for example: A Mitsubishi 5 ticks aircon has an easy cleaning ability that allows you to dismantle your air conditioner easily. It also has various particle filters, like the Double Air Cleaning Filter and Microparticles Catching Filter to ensure that you get clean and fresh air at all times. 

These added features combine together to give you more bang for your buck, and added comfort in your everyday space. 

Discomfort can happen if you initially chose an air conditioner that was not a right fit for the size of your room. Choosing a Mitsubishi Heavy aircon is an ideal choice as it is suitable for both small and big rooms. 

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