If your aircon unit is constantly not producing cold air, a chemical overhaul is the best option to solve that problem.
A good indication that you require a chemical overhaul is an irregularly performing unit, or one that leaks or emits unpleasant odours. A chemical overhaul is the most thorough service option we offer and is not intended to be performed frequently.

Our skilled technicians are well-trained and certified to service your unit according to proper procedures. A typical overhaul involves dismounting your unit from the wall or ceiling. Next, it will be disassembled and cleaned with safe chemicals. Note that we never perform cleaning while the aircon is still mounted.

* NOTE: When performing a chemical overhaul, we offer the option of fully dismantling your aircon unit for the most thorough clean possible. This involves unmounting a unit from the wall and lubricating all component parts. Dismantling and reassembling may only be necessary under certain circumstances. Our technicians perform an on-site diagnostic to determine the best service option.

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Installation Services

Dismantling Fan Coil The most comprehensive aircon cleaning service available
Evaporator Coil Chemical WashRecommended for best performance outcome of older units
FCU Cover Chemical Clean Helps to extends the lifespan of your unit if you have neglected regular servicing
Air Filter Chemical Wash Removal of dust and harmful contaminants.
Blower Wheels/Blade Chemical Wash Prevents water leakage
Vacuum Drainage Pipe to Prevent Pipe Clogging
Electrical Components Check
Suction & Discharge Check
Electrical Connection Check


Aircon Parts

Our Commercial Servicing Rate

We offer a variety of fairly priced service options that cater to both residential and commercial clients. To ensure optimal aircon performance for your home or business, we recommend our annual Contract Servicing package.

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